Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Fr. Jake, over at “Fr. Jake Stops the World” observes:

“… has anyone else noticed that we no longer hear much about Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria? Not too long ago, he was being touted as the possible leader of a new Communion. Now he is rarely mentioned. How come?”

In a AnglicanTV video of a statement by Bishop Duncan at the Anglican Relief and Development Fund meeting in Virginia he is seen sitting on the dias. But the statement of that meeting released on the Global South webpages does not mention him specifically and the statement does not come out under his name as president.

The Province of Nigeria website version of that same statement is followed by this note: “Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria is the current President of the Global South Steering Committee.” That meeting was held November 15-17. The press release on that meeting is the last item posted on the Province of Nigeria website as of tonight (December 6).

Fr. Jake is right. What’s up? And, for that matter, what’s up with Bishop Stanton, last heard of when he stepped back from the request for alternative primatial oversight. And we have heard very little from most of the Network Bishops save Bishops Schofield, Iker and Duncan.

My sense is it is premature to believe that the unity wished for by the Global South Steering Committee in their meeting in Virginia has collapsed. The grasping at the Southern Cone by Bishop Schofield is perhaps simply part of his continued wishful thinking colluded with by Presiding Bishop Venables of Argentina. We shall see.

But Fr. Jake is right. Where’s the rest of the crowd?


  1. I think the difficulty is coming by the Network's desire to cling more strongly to Canterbury then to the person of the Archbishop Akinola. The SJ amendments to their Constitution declared themselves in communion with Canterbury. They appear unready to follow Nigeria wherever thy might lead.

  2. There maybe some trepidation that they may find themselves part of the Akinola communion and out of the Anglican Communion.


  3. Whatever you hope you’re on to here, the event presented on the video has nothing to do with it. I feel confident saying that, since I was there.

    The evening was an opportunity to hear from the Global South bishops in person. Each of the Primates answered a question from Bishop Duncan that had nothing to do with the meltdown of the Episcopal Church, such as, “How did you become a Christian?” or, “Tell us about the biggest challenges in your diocese.” +Duncan’s statement at the end was unexpected and the only content dealing specifically with the crisis in the Communion.

    Come to think of it, +Akinola wasn’t even asked the first question. Perhaps that can be woven into your theory.

  4. Call my suspicious, but I think the silence is studied and deliberate. My bet is that everyone is laying low until after the vote in Truro, etc. Partly to seem as if they are not influencing the vote, and to pose as if these churches vote is free and independent; and party to come out as welcoming rescuers of the faithful remnant.

    It may be that their unity is frayed, but right now they are focusing on creating their new parallel provinces.


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