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Over the past several months, in a variety of venues, I have asked the following of the Archbishop of Canterbury. (see my posting “Three Questions for the Archbishop.”

(i) Who are the members of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s “small working group” reflecting on the matters concerning the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

(ii) When will you say something yourself re Bishop Minns and CANA. (The Office has, but not you.)

(iii) Who is on the Covenant drafting group?

Well, those were for the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Now for anyone who can tell me,

(iv) Who from the US or UK went to the Consecration of the four bishops in Nigeria on August 20th (you know, the one where Bishop Minns was consecrated)? Anyone?

(v) Who among progressives has the Archbishop of Canterbury consulted since General Convention?

(vi) Since General Convention has anyone representing the Gay and Lesbian community in the US or the UK been consulted by any of the several “reflection” groups of bishops being pulled together?

I didn’t expect the Archbishop of Canterbury to actually respond to my first three questions, and do not assume that he reads my blog. But I had hoped that someone who could get an answer would get it and put it out there for the rest of us. I do hope that someone can shed some light on the six questions.

Why? Because if there are no answers to the first three, it tends to confirm the notion that decisions are being made about ‘us’ (meaning most Episcopalians) and our relation to the Anglican Communion, without us. Because if there was no one from the US or the UK (excluding family members) at Bishop Minn’s consecration that is too bad. (No one should stand without friends on such an occasion.) Because if the Archbishop or any of the bishops on the several reflection groups dares to go forward, continuing to talk about but not with members of the Gay and Lesbian community, the boat is listing over on its side.

Well: The questions still stand. Where are the answers?


  1. I have no answers to any of your questions. I do wonder, however about how RW understands his theology (as stated in so many books) to be lived out in Praxis.

    I look forward to his reflections in decades to come!

    However, until then, I thought this article http://www.christianpost.com/article/20060823/23960.htm was interesting and had some quotes from "His grace" (?!) that I had not seen in other arenas.

    Specifically these quotes:

    “I don’t especially want to see the Anglican Church becoming like the Orthodox Church – where in some American cities you see the Greek Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Church and the Romanian Orthodox Church,” he said. “I don’t want to see in the cities of America the American Anglican Church, the Nigerian Anglican Church, the Egyptian Anglican Church and the English Anglican Church on the same street.”

    Isn't this where we are going (or have already gone?)

  2. Mark, we're on different "sides" theologically, but I too am wanting to know the answers to your questions (i) and (iii) which I think are important.

    I started to try and post a prayer post on Lent & Beyond for ++Rowan and his advisors back in early July. And I had a terrible time even coming up with any clear lists of the ACC Standing Committee or the Primates Standing Committeee.

    My understanding from the text of the March 2006 ACC communique is that the "small working group" was to be made up of three members of the Joint Standing Committee.

    So here, as best I am aware (could be wrong) are the names of the Joint Standing Committee members.

    From ACC Election Results June 2005

    Standing Committee

    Mrs Jolly Babirukamu Uganda
    Bishop James Tengatenga Tanzania

    Elected at ACC 13
    Philippa Amable West Africa
    Mr Robert Fordham. (Australia)
    Bishop Kumara Illangasinghe. Sri Lanka
    Canon Elizabeth Paver. Church of England
    Ms Nomfundo Walaza South Africa

    Primates Standing Committee (if current -- this list is as of May 2005, prior to ACC-13)

    Primates Standing Committee
    The Most Revd Peter Kwong (Hong Kong)
    The Most Revd Bernard Malango (Central Africa)
    The Most Revd Barry Morgan (Wales)
    The Most Revd Orlando Santos de Oliveira (Brazil)
    The Most Revd James Terom (North India)

    I am REALLY doubtful that the names of the Primates Standing Committee are still accurate because my understanding is that there is a new Primate in North India

    (The Most Revd Joel Vidyasagar Mal is now listed as Primate on the ACO website, but I have seen no official announcement of a change)

    and that Oliveira was recently not reelected in Brazil.

    I hope your blog post will prompt someone in the know to respond.

  3. By the way, Mark, back when I was first researching the same questions back in July, I found one of your blog posts very helpful and linked you on T19!

    Here are my comments from July:
    (#33 and #35)

  4. Karen B: well, we may be "ond different sides theologically" but I thank you for your support in my asking the questions.

    I confess your reason, "to try and post a prayer post on Lent & Beyond" is more to the point than mine. I do indeed pray for the Archbishop in this difficult time, and that extends to those who work with and for him. But I have been asking the questions for more mundaine reasons.

    While it might be useful for close advisors not to be named, it would be in that case useful not to name the group. Naming a group of advisors and then not letting the larger world know who is on it smacks of secret "star chamber" action.

    Now, as we both have understood, the Archbishop of Wales and the Archbishop of Central Africa are supposedly on this committee. That gives me some heart. At least there is some spread of theological opinion on the advising group.

    Well, it would be useful to know this stuff, but life goes on.

    I thank you for connecting in on this.


  5. Mark

    There is no reason to think that ABC is only consulting a fix group of advisors. I believe he is consulting widely. The recent posts in t19 should shed some light.


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