The Mucking About is a Bit Much: Global South meets Alternative Primatial whatever folk.

Posted today on the Global South Site was the following announcement.

"As indicated in the Kigali Communiqué (September 2006), we will be holding a consultation with the leadership of Episcopal dioceses requesting Alternative Primatial Oversight (APO). Our aim is to investigate their appeal in greater detail and identify possible responses.

We will also meet leaders from dioceses who may not have specifically requested for APO, but will like to explore together what the steps forward may be.

We will meet after the Nov 12-15 Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF) Trustees meeting, at a separate location.

Since these consultations are confidential there will be no provision for media access. We would, however, welcome your prayers.

A number of the primates have also been sent an invitation by Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schorri. They will be responding to her in due course through private communication.

Archbishop John Chew,
Secretary for Global South Steering Committee
8 November 2006"

It wouldn't hurt if they could spell her last name correctly. (They can be forgiven...it has taken me some time to get it right, too. Still, I am not the Secretary for the Global South Steering Committee.)

The posting is billed as "A Statement by the Global South Steering Committee on Consultations with bishops requesting APO." It would appear then that this is a meeting not of the four members of the ACN / Anglican Relief and Development Fund Trustees, but of the Global South Steering Committee, a slightly different body. The closing sentence, "a number of the primates" only makes sense if this is the case.

By the by: The ARDF, while it seems a fine outreach effort of the ACN, is an agency devoted to perpetuating the notion that there is something peculiarly unclean about monies from the Episcopal Church's people and congregations. Although the dioceses contributing to this fund are part of the Episcopal Church, God forbid that they might send monies through Episcopal Relief and Development. Better they should build a new Fund. In this the ACN is building on the righteousness of some overseas zealots who have determined that some money from the US is good and other money is bad. This of course is a bit of twisted idolatry that would suggest that the monies (all of which have the symbols and images of the State) are somehow not Ceaser's or the culture's if given by the righteous. Too bad about the offerings of those who thirst, etc.

I presume "meeting with leadership of both APO dioceses and those "who may not have specifically requested for APO, but will like to explore together what the steps forward may be," means Bishop Stanton of Dallas, but it may mean others as well.

Well, there it is. Anti-Windsor muck. Wear high boots and don't fall.

It appears they would like to work in private. So be it, for there is nothing to shout about in this. Too bad they cannot see themselves clear to let their yes be yes and their no be no concerning the Presiding Bishop's invitation. Perhaps some things are best kept private and mucked up.

And then, word has it, they are off to Canterbury. Might as well get best use of the tickets home. Mind the mud on the boots when you get to Lambeth.


  1. I view the KJS letter, posted as it was on the ENS website for all to see, as a PR stunt. After all, if it's really all that important that she speak to these Primates - and, actually, I believe it is important - then KJS can use the innovations we call "the phone" or "email." Sure, it's convenient that these four bishops will be in NoVa, but this isn't the 18th century and they didn't just spend a month coming over by steamer. KJS can converse with them anytime she wants.

    As to responding privately: that is called class.

  2. "As to responding privately: that is called class." Phil

    Now, this is funny. Class? Class charges from a voice for convulted/greedy behind-the-scenes puritanical mudwrestlering hate mongers? True, ++Katharie is "outside" in the sun light...transparent, open and loving and friendly...it probably would seem like "grandstanding" the the devious grandstanders.

    Leonardo Ricardo

  3. Elect ME next time, and see what happens!

    Good Spell, Bad Spell or Evil Spell ;=)

  4. Actually, Phil, writing public letters is called part of politics. It is one way to make sure the general populous has some idea of what is going on and is a crucial piece of controlling the spin of one's actions. Since the letter was written publicly and (presumably) delivered privately as well the rest of the world will watch the visiting Primates to see if they will behave like petulant bullies or like gracious churchmen or perhaps something in between. How they respond could influence perception of them around the Communion.


  5. Phil said, "As to responding privately: that is called class."

    Which is the first time I have encountered "class" used to mean, "eletism."


  6. "Actually, Phil, writing public letters is called part of politics."

    Jon, you reveal more than you know in that sentence about how you view the church. 'Nuf said.

  7. To be honest, I don't think this whole affair or the situation driving these letters has anything to do with "class" and everything to do with politics on all sides.

    ACN and the Global South have all kinds of events in the recent past that they've been "spinning".

    And when the PB calls them on it, plays their game with them, it lacks class? Please.

    All sides are playing games in God's name here, and it's all about power among HUMANS, not God.

  8. Yes, Eileen, that's right, the GS Primates publicize events and communiques - not private correspondence. And, as I said above, if the intent was to have a meeting, not posture, KJS could have picked up the phone.

    Playing their game? If she is, it's at the junior varsity level.

  9. Phil -

    They are ALL posturig and game playing. ALL of them.

    This is not God's work. It's human's. And the fact that all these adult humans need to be paraded around, cajoled and coddled like toddlers is telling.

    I highly doubt the smell of this is pleasing to the Lord on any account.

  10. Eileen, as the parent of a very young toddler, I can relate. :-)

    But even if I put the onus on the Primates and not KJS - why doesn't one of them pick up the phone and talk? How hard is this? That's what I don't understand. And, I agree with you to the extent that they should stop the posturing and do something.

  11. the GS Primates publicize events and communiques - not private correspondence

    So if ++KJS spoke in the imperious tones of a communique, you'd like it better, Phil? :-/


    Does anyone know where this Virginny Primatial Confab will actually take place? Because I think it would be an excellent---nay, blessed thing, if faithful Episcopalians were there, in silent prayer and WITNESS. (Well, maybe even breaking silence to softly sing "We are Gentle, Angry People", but that's just Boomer me... ;-p)

  12. Heh. Good idea, JCF ! :)

    But considering where it's being held (Virginia) and especially the sort of parish where it's likely to be located, I think you'd risk a whuppin' from the locals...

    I'm from the South and it's not a nice place in this regard. Both sides of my family came from Virginia, and trust me - folks down here don't take lightly to their socio-political conservatism being confronted.

  13. J.C. - yes, I would have liked it better, but that's just my opinion - worth what it cost! :->

    And, the Primates are meeting at The Falls Church, I think.

    David Huff, come now - the people of Virginia just threw George Allen out of office and elected Tim Kaine before that. It seems they were able to confront their socio-political conservatism with equanimity.


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