I am Canadian...(at least today) and the Anglican Church of Canada has elected.

The Anglican Church of Canada is electing their new Primate today. Pray for the Church in Canada.

That election has now taken place, and The Rt. Rev. Fred Hiltz of Nova Scotia was elected this afternoon.

Fr. Jake has a good take on the person and the official announcement is here.

In particular he says, by way of a trusted associate, "Fred Hiltz would be deemed the most liberal choice and many will rally around him, in part because he is not from Ontario and because he will be seen to stand in the tradition of the last three Primates who have been progressive: Ted Scott, Michael Peers, Andrew Hutchison. That said, Hiltz would not be considered the most liberal diocesan bishop in Canada by any means. Michael Ingham, New Westminster; Ralph Spence, Niagara; Colin Johnson, Toronto; Bruce Stavert, Quebec, are all probably more liberal."

We might note that none of those - Ingham, Spense, Johnson or Stavert were in the running.

While wandering around on the internet to find a bit of something re Canada I ran across a Molson Beer add that was just fine...

So in salute to Canadian friends, the day, and the election, and in memory of two good years spent at the University of Alberta (1962-4), here it is. (I have no idea what Canadians think of the ad...)


  1. Not just a Canadian...an Albertan!

    The results of the first ballot are out and there were no surprises:

    Results of the first ballot for the election of the Primate

    Bishop George Bruce: Clergy: 14 Lay: 9

    Bishop Fred Hiltz: Clergy: 40 Lay: 57

    Bishop Bruce Howe: Clergy: 5 Lay: 18

    Bishop Victoria Matthews: Clergy: 56 Lay: 54

    And those ads are very popular in Canada and now much parodied or imitated.

  2. Brought a tear to my eye!
    I too am a proud Canadian! :D

  3. Fred Hiltz on the 5th ballot!

  4. Someone (and I'm afraid I can't remember, to give them credit) said that Canada was the only country that had achieved independence by asking for it politely.

  5. Mark,
    Ralph Spence and Bruce Stavert were not in the running because both have announced their retirement. Spence will be stepping down sometime before the end of the year (I believe the diocese has already elected a Co-adjutor). Stavert will retire in early 2009, but has called for an election of a Co-adjutor in the fall, because the diocesan Synod meets only every other year.
    To your list of bishops more liberal than Fred Hiltz I would add Peter Coffin of Ottawa (also retiring) and Sue Moxley, Suffragan of NS/PEI.

    I would have been pleased with either Matthews or Hiltz. If Fred continues on a national scale the success with financial stewardship he has had in NS/PEI, we can see the Canadian church returned to fiscal health.

  6. The discussion and adoption of the St Michael report was today.

    Victoria Matthews' discussion of the St Michael Report was very good. I was very impressed with her - both content and speaking style. She spoke with grace and clarity. She would have made a find Primate if the election went her way.

    She does have that conservative reputation so several were surprised by the very sympathetic tone she took in her presentation of the St. Michael report and the issue of same sex couples in the church. It seems clear that she wants this to happen, but true to form, she wants to make sure all the homework is done on it too.

    I also had a strong sense that something has changed in Synod and that the talk of Same Sex Blessings in the Canadian context is starting to strike some of the moderates and pro-gay group as nonsense. The country has had civil same sex marriage in some provinces since mid-2004. So what is a blessing mean to a married couple anyway?

    If SSBs are voted down it probably shouldn't be seen as a complete defeat rather a growing awareness that this isn't the right step to take in the Canadian context and that the church needs to press ahead to the full inclusion of gays and lesbians in the sacramental life of the church. It may take a few years (or a decade) but may be worth the wait. I also think when it happens it will be less divisive.

    Interesting how the Spirit moves these things.


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