GAFCON gets weirder and weirder

The Global Anglican Future Conference just gets weirder and weirder.

At first it was announced to be a Conference to be held in Jerusalem.
The Bishop of Jerusalem thought that was a bad idea. The Primate of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East thought it was a bad idea. No one asked them and no one listened.

Then the Conference was split in two parts, seemingly to respond to a suggestion made by the Bishop of Jerusalem that perhaps if the pilgrimage was to Jerusalem and the conference was separate from that it might be OK. So the Pilgrimage was to be held on June 22-29, preceded by a meeting in Jordan of the leadership team. The distinction, however, was not too clear. I commented on this on my posting, "GAFCON "repackaged" and restructured."

Now there is a letter asking for help getting Global South bishops and others there. Thinking Anglicans carries the letter and Episcopal Cafe comments that "Interesting, too, that all talk of a meeting in Jordan has been dropped for the purposes of this appeal."

GAFCON it appears will do its planning conference in Jerusalem, counter to the wishes of the bishop and the primate. The June 22-29 event is billed as the Conference and Pilgrimage both.

The results? To hell with the Bishop of Jerusalem, the Primate of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East, and to hell with any of us who notice the complete fabrication that there would be any difference between the Conference and the Pilgrimage. The agenda is set and the pure are invited and never mind that they are not as pure in intention as they claim to be.

This is too much. It is a farce.


  1. Peace be with the moderator as well as the reader of this message.( that is if this message is not censored :-)

    The time has come.
    I am here to bring judgment to the living and the dead.
    The harvest is ripe, pass this on to all fellow believers.

    The Faithful Witness

  2. Let them go.

    If only more of us would be quick enough to correct all the media talk about 'traditiona anglicans' etc etc.

    Let us call things for what they are and people for what they do. Homophobia and homophobes fit just fine.


  3. We could just as well say, “To hell with the Anglican Primates and to hell with any of us who notice the complete disintegration of fidelity to the Gospel. The radical sexual agenda is set and the pure are invited and never mind that they are not as pure in intention as they claim to be.”

  4. Problem is.....GAFCON will get 200-300 bishops who represent around 70% of the Anglicans in the world......this "farce" makes Lambeth look silly with 600 bishops representing so few (and let's not even talk about rates of decline...)

    The ABC has failed to keep the AC together.....we are seeing a slow train crash owing to a lack of leadership

  5. Thank you, Anonymous 6:41, that GAFFEPRONE is, in fact, an act of separation from the Anglican Communion.

  6. malcolm - maybe GAFCON is most of the AC separating itself from TEC and the ABC given the ABC has spent 5 years trying to avoid disciplining TEC and TEC wants the freedom to break certain agreements in the AC but still wants to be part of the club desipte Lambeth 1.10 not even being up for negotiation this year!

    Now, Gene Robinson is excluded but many TEC bishops who agree with him are invited to Lambeth....so, it is not his theology that is the problem but the man?? Not fair .... not honourable.

  7. Nice try.

    Fact is, even the GAFFEPRONE primates hardly constitute any sort of majority. It is a couple of well-financed trouble-makers and their American and English fellow travellers. Much of the Global South - even folk like the Primate of the Middle East who share their reservations about North American innovations - have rejected the schismatic agenda.

    I think you will be very surprised to discover that your proclaimed majority is actually just a rump.


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