Out and Back: A Week in Ordinary Time

My last posting was on May 23rd, a week ago.

In this past week Anglican-land has experienced a few moments of restlessness. Several items:

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Pittsburgh has indicated that should Bishop Duncan be deposed, they stand ready to exercise ecclesiastical authority in Pittsburgh. (That's awfully good of them.)

The Court in Virginia is in the midst of deciding if the Law of Virginia is constitutional. Of course that is not finally for Virginia to decide, and both sides know it.

There has been a renewed flurry of interest in the canonical propriety of the vote taken to concur in the judgment of abandonment against Bishops
Schofield and Cox. This was topped off this week by the posting of a memo from Bishop Sauls of the House of Bishops Task Force on Property to the Bishops. That will pretty well finish off that debate, except, of course, for those who believe the charge of abandonment to be so awful that every bishop presumed to be living must be consulted.

And, to round out the tabloid delights of Anglican-Land there have been the usual charges from Stand Firm that the leadership of the Episcopal Church consists of lying and untrustworthy people.

I will take up several of these in later entries, but I need to say that a week away from this pot of Anglican stew has not been without its blessings.

This week I went to Ann Arbor, Michigan and help celebrate the 80
th birthday of a wonderful friend, Bob Hauert. I returned to find new lithographic inks for Preludium Press had arrived. On Friday, just before I left for Ann Arbor, the Cape Gazette ran a fine article on an evening with Helen Thomas, an event that two of her friends and I sponsored and to which three hundred people came. On Monday the Wilmington Journal ran an editorial on the Silent Vigil in Lewes and its opposition across the street and our ability to agree on a letter to our congress folk concerning the need for better Veteran's benefits, particularly given the massive occurrences of Post Traumatic Stress and Brain injury. Now I am in Boston for the celebration of the wedding of our Goddaughter Amanda.

I have to say, a week away has been just fine.

More will be posted, but basking in ordinary time is wonderful.

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