Then there were two unrepresented, but Nigeria is there.

Thinking Anglicans has just reported today (the beginning of the Lambeth Conference) that only two of the 38 Provinces is unrepresented at the Lambeth Conference. So much for the determined absence of the Provinces. Who are the two? Rwanda, I suspect, and Southern Cone? But perhaps, given what the Nation (a Nigeria Paper) says today, "The entire Anglican provinces of Uganda, Rwanda and Nigeria and at least four bishops from the Church of England are boycotting the event," the missing Provinces are Rwanda and Uganda. We shall see. (Thanks also to TA).

Read the Nation report on threats from the Church of Nigeria against the bishop from Nigeria attending the Lambeth Conference, Bishop
Cyril Okoracha. The Primate of NIgeria obeys his own bishops, witness his complete cave in to their wishes that he stay on until the end of his term in 2010. I suppose he reasons that if he obeys the House of Bishops of Nigeria by staying on as Primate his bishops also should obey the demand that they all stay home and not attend Lambeth. But wait... the first is a request from the House of Bishops to the Archbishop. The second is a demand from the House of Bishops to its members.


  1. Yes, it's Rwanda who are also not present. There is also a report that 10 Kenyan bishops are there - 1/3 of their HoB; despite ++Nzimbi saying none were coming:


    Off-topic, but I'm curious to know what folks make of this odd statement by +Ackerman in an interview with David Virtue:

    "There is the reality that traditional Anglicans are standing in the way of the liberal agenda and our absence or departure would make it much easier for the revisionists to accomplish their goals. I have no anger towards the revisionists who have radically changed the church into which I was born.

    I am amazed by how many of the leaders who are revising the faith who were not born into this church. I would therefore say that this is not a hostile takeover but is in fact a takeover."


    A take-over by those not born Episcopalian?

  2. Forget Ackerman, Rwanda, and all of the politics. Biblically speaking it's this:

    If this new revisionist Church is of God, the Lord will prosper it and bring many by the Spirit to its embrace. We have God's word on that sign of divine approval throughout the Scripture, including in the New Testament Pentecostal movement. It seems like it's not happening yet except in selected dense metro centres and among cosmopolitan populations. So, my revisionist friends, press on. Go for it. If you are right, God will be with you and will prosper your efforts. I would start to wonder WHEN and WHERE else that will happen. Biblically speaking, and as evidenced by past revival movements, God doesn't wait around to bless movements that are godly and of the Lord. Good feelings and togetherness do not equate to divine blessing on a movement. Distribution of power and talk of rights is not a sign of this approval of God. If this modern TEC revisionist Church IS of God, it will be the first such movement that has not been blessed with the Spirit raising converts in great numbers as in other times and places. After all, God has a passion for souls and numbers are a sign of such approval. So far the statistics aren't with your efforts, and have not been for over 30 years. Quite the opposite. Maybe one day. So far, no.

    If God doesn't bless your movement with numbers, converts, and martyrs you will be against God on the day of Judgment.

    The same goes for reasserters. But, the Global South IS raising souls for the Lord and martyrs are paying for the faith in blood...and yet the Church grows on and on.

  3. allen...somewhere along the line you ought to get your own blog.

    I have been allowing your slam of all things that have to do with the Episcopal Church which you seem to consider so "revisionist" that it is dead meat. You have decided that the signs of being of God is numbers. To quote you, "Go for it."

    But go for it somewhere else - like on your own blog.

    Meanwhile, unless it is clear that you are speaking to the threads that have grown from a posting here your free ride is over. In the current thread your comment has neither to do with my post or with the comment by anonymous (BTW, anonymous, try try try to use a real name... on that allen has been helpful.


  4. Gee, Anonymous the Second, Islam is growing in many places, including the Global South. Does that mean God is blessing that faith?

    Talk your way out of that one!

  5. Oops, sorry, Mark, I meant Allen, not anonymous! Well, it's up to you whether you will post these comments anyway.

  6. But before you go (for it), Allen, you're going to need to look at it from more than your sad ego-centric perspective because, biblically speaking, God's perspective and timing are often different from what we expect or want and works out in the course of more than the lifetime of a spiritual adolescent. Later, dude.

    Prayers for strength and protection for Bishop Okoracha.

  7. Point taken. Interesting though that not much substantial has been tossed back about my comments except bruised feelings. Where were the substantial defenses?

    OK, Mark. Your show. You're in charge of the blog and the General Church via your office. I'm outta here. Thanks for the free ride. And now, back to the voices everyone wants to hear.

    And all of the bloggers said,

    "Thank God!"

  8. If God doesn't bless your movement with numbers, converts, and martyrs you will be against God on the day of Judgment.

    Matthew 22:14

    "For many are called, but few are chosen."

    You just called Jesus a liar, Allen.

    That's the unforgivable sin, you know.

    Every time I fear TEC may not be following the Spirit of God, one of you opens your mouth and affirms we are.

  9. it is a sad day when it is news that the Anglican church in Nigeria (17m+ on a Sunday) has just one bishop at Lambeth.

    TEC gets about 0.8m people on a Sunday....guess how many bishops it has at Lambeth.........

    There is nothing to celebrate in all this

  10. It is a bit much for the "conservatives" to whinge about Nigeria being under-represented when it s the consequence of the failed and misguided "conservative" strategy.

    Rather like the old jape about the man who kills his parents and then pleads for mercy because he's an orphan.

  11. As to the numbers game, Allen is not alone vz this from Ephraim Radner the consiliarist
    reponse to to Rev’d Matt Kennedy on Stand Firm blog 06-06-2007 5:16 am:
    "On attendance of the GS at Lambeth….”‘What I don’t get is why an overwhelming majority of traditional bishops from around the world should worry about being at a meeting of prayer and counsel, at which a puny handful of marginal dissidents from some confused and tiny Western churches is also present? Let Lambeth 2008 finish what Lambeth 1998 began. Arguments to the effect of “but TEC hasn’t listened and cannot be trusted” are all true! I have made them ad nauseum along with the rest of everyone on this blog. But so what? Nigeria, Uganda, and so on all have the numbers on their side by a long shot. Let us then see the Spirit uphold their witness. Or do we doubt that too?”

    If you look at the explosion of membership in Nigeria, look also at the explosion in the population and ask is it proportionate? EPfizH


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