NIgeria Web Down: Que Pasa?

For the past few days the website for the Church of Nigeria (Anglican) has been down. The text below comes up. So...what gives?

This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.


  1. They must be too busy messing around other places to take care of business at home.

  2. It's a vast left-wing conspiracy!


  3. Quick, someone go buy the site out from under them! :) I'm feeling particularly snarky today.

    Perhaps all these provinces are going to open a single site that then links to each individual GAFCON member?

  4. I guess that's why they need the money they're always asking me for in those "Dear Esteemed Friend" e-mails.

  5. Father Mark,

    You seem to have a strange fetish for orthodox Anglican websites.

    I would say it is a healthier internet habit than many men have, but a little odd nevertheless.


  6. I would say they have not paid their hosting company, Velo (which seems to be a PO Box out in the Rockaways section of NYC, past JFK).

  7. Dan: I pay some attention to so called "orthodox" websites because it is there that we are informed of the efforts by these groups to define Anglican expressions of the Christian faith.

    I must confess a certain interest in the Church of Nigeria, the internal life of which is complex and often instructive. Its leadership, and in particular the Archbishop of Nigeria, are given to public statements concerning the life of other churches - TEC in particular.

    While it might be healthier to simply ignore most of these websites, I pay attention because the people are set on changing the AC beyond anything we might imagine. It may be that in doing so I contribute to my own bad health, or to to the health of the church.

  8. I was raised on the principle that one should not "mock the afflicted", but just occasionally ......

  9. Maybe checks from Virginia take longer than expected to clear the bank?

  10. Wow! Stating that Mark Harris has a "fetish" about conservative web sites and a reference to his "unhealthy internet practices." Mark is one of the few liberal bloggers who just doesn't make much of a noise about the sexual repression or obsession of fundamentalists.

    Duck when that boomerang starts coming back at you, Dan; you didn't throw it properly. It's going to hit you in the head as you are in the process of accusing me of reading sexual innuendo into your statement.

    Mark, I admire your gracious reply. It's so Episcopalian.

  11. You are absolutley right, Mark. That is why we read your sites. It always help to know what the Enemy is doing.

  12. Dan - and others who have expressed the same thoughts - I can only imagine what it is like to dedicate your life and vocation to the following of Christ as has been uniquely given as a gift to you the ordained, AND to the laity as well; to share your moments of glad grace and your moments of sorrow, only to be told you are unworthy, you are unfit, you are apostate...I'm only speaking for myself here; I do not know Fr. Harris...I only know that he expends much time in making this a site where those of us who wish to remain in the Episcopal Church find reason snd know what we face. If you do not like Fr. Harris' posts, dontcha think it might be best to have your own blog? That way you can express your views without judging others?

  13. Dan,
    Really enjoy your pejorative reference - the enemy. Fr. Mark is not your enemy, he is simply your mirror image.

  14. Is Howard Ahmanson running low on funds?

  15. Mark,
    In Spanish we DO use opening interrogation marks. AND ortographical accents.
    So it'd more like ¿Qué pasa?

  16. "It always help to know what the Enemy is doing."

    And what would you do without an Enemy? You'd be lost.

    Word verification is heerro, as in "We don't need another..."

  17. Exercising a little fetish of your own there Dan-boy? (Ever heard of the psychological phenomenon called "projection"?) How ironic (or is it hypocritical?)

  18. I disagree with Dan, having gotten the same thing in reverse from commenters here.

    We ought to read the "other" websites, and we ought to engage each other, even if we'll never agree and even if it's frustrating. Being in a bubble really benefits no one.

  19. Hmmm. Dan used the word "Enemy". Why do some see people who hold alternate opinions on the meaning of scripture as "enemies"?

  20. "Fetish" is the wrong word. Being informed is close to the way I see what Mark does. I'm thankful that he takes the time and trouble to be informed and to inform his readers. I know of no other place on the internet where I'd find the information that I read here. Mark pulls it all together in an admirable manner and performs a real service.

    Thanks, Mark.

  21. I never called Mark an enemy. But I do believe "the Enemy" is capable of working through well-intentioned people, me included. And I think that is precisely what is happening in TEC. The assault upon the authority and primacy of God's revelation via Scripture is the work of "THE ENEMY." The depositions and lawsuits are the work of "THE ENEMY." And "progressives" are being used by "THE ENEMY" to accomplish that purpose.

  22. . . . "progressives" are being used by "THE ENEMY" to accomplish that purpose.

    What you don't seem to understand is, that is how we feel about your actions on the Reasserter side, Dan. That's why we won't back down - it would be to cooperate with evil and allow you to fall into Darkness, dragging countless others with you.

    We won't go back, you won't go forward, both not just believing but knowing they are right. That is why there can be no other outcome than a split, and if either group dwindles to nothing, that's how it has to be.

    It's not that we don't want you in our lives, but that you've done and continue to do too much damage to us to allow you in our lives.

    Goodbye, go with God.

  23. I do believe "the Enemy" is capable of working through well-intentioned people, me included.

    I'll just agree w/ you here, Dan, and leave the rest alone (I'm not quite sure its aroma of sulfur will wash off).

    Vaya con Dios...

  24. Church of Nigeria website now up and running.


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