Bus Slogans and Graphs, while waiting on the Primates.

All over Anglican Blogland people are waiting for buses - to take them to a new place or to take them back to the old Primatial farm, where the air is thick with theological fog. The original bus is of course the bus slogan for creeping atheism over in London, but through the good efforts of Bus Slogan Generator we can every one of us make a bus slogan threaded back or not to the slogan that started it all. Well, here is my effort.

Meanwhile, over at OCICBW, madpriest gave us this self-explanatory graph related to the Anglican Covenant. The Primates have taken a look at it and there are various reports on just what they might have said. Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS) reports HERE.
This helpful graph shows that over time enthusiasm for a Covenant rises almost to the point of actually considering one (but not quite) and then drops away to dismal lack of interest.

Unfortunately, the fact that the Anglican Covenant is on the table means that over time, enthusiasm or not it simply outlasts its critics from all sides and becomes a done deal. So time is on the side of some sort of Anglican Covenant, probably without teeth (which is to say sanctions), and that after a while there simply be the desire to get through the process and get on with life. So I did a re-draw of the graph, and here it is.

My sense is we are about at the point on the graph where the red line (the Shaft) is rising and the blue line (the Arc of the Covenant) is sagging. If things go apace we will end up with a Covenant which no one will have much enthusiasm for and yet most Anglicans will be glad to be done with.

It reminds me of waiting for the bus to go to work - the longer the wait beyond the optimum moment the less enthusiasm for work and yet, strangely, the greater the enthusiasm for actually getting a bus.

In the end Anglican-Land has much in common with waiting for a bus. I wonder what sort of slogan there is on the side?


Jeffrey+ said...

Great Slogan on the bus!

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Malcolm+ said...


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Yes, indeed!

David |Dah • veed| said...

Father Fred has a new graph about the Conealonials!

Nom de Plume said...

So what do you think is the probability that 15cm of snow shutting down the London transit system this week is God's playful rejoinder to the Bus Campaign?

Just asking.