Where did all the bishops go? A list of departed bishops.

The Archbishop of Nigeria commissioned from the American Anglican Council a report titled,THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH: TEARING THE FABRIC OF COMMUNION TO SHREDS. The cover letter from the Archbishop links to the paper.

Supposedly this report was to have gone to the Primates meeting in Egypt had it been allowed. The document is a compendium of complaints concerning the state of The Episcopal Church in which among charges of heresy, decrease in size, outrageous statements of church leaders indicating sickness unto death and so no, there was the following list of bishops departed from TEC.

March 2007 The Rt. Rev. David Bena, retired Suffragan Bishop of Albany Charged with Renunciation

March 2007 The Rt. Rev. William J. Cox, retired Suffragan Bishop of Maryland and retired Assisting Bishop of Oklahoma Deposed

June 2007 The Rt. Rev. Andrew Fairfield, retired Bishop of North Dakota Charged with Renunciation

December 2007 The Rt. Rev. John-David Schofield, Bishop of San Joaquin Deposed

February 2008 The Rt. Rev. Terence Kelshaw, retired Bishop of Rio Grande Charged with Renunciation

April 2008 The Rt. Rev. Edward MacBurney, retired Bishop of Quincy Inhibited (since lifted)

September 2008 The Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan, Bishop of Pittsburgh Deposed

November 2008 The Rt. Rev. Jack Iker, Bishop of Ft Worth, Charged with Renunciation

January 15, 2009 The Rt. Rev. Henry Scriven, Assisting Bishop of Pittsburgh Charged with Renunciation and Deposed

January 15, 2009 The Rt. Rev. William Wantland, retired Bishop of Eau Claire
Charged with Renunciation and Deposed

March 2007 The Rt. Rev. Daniel Herzog, retired Bishop of Albany
Bishop Herzog retired and joined the Roman Catholic Church.
August 2007 The Rt. Rev. Clarence C. Pope, Jr, retired Bishop of Fort Worth,
Bishop Pope joined the Roman Catholic Church.
November 2007 The Rt. Rev. John Lipscomb, retired Southwest Florida
Bishop Lipscomb retired in September 2007 and joined the Roman Catholic Church in November 2007.
December 2007 The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey Steenson, Bishop of the Rio Grande
Bishop Steenson resigned from TEC and joined the Roman Catholic Church.

Of the 14 bishops who have left nine were retired. Five were active. Of the active five two were deposed by action of the House of Bishops (Schofield and Duncan), three were found to have resigned from the ministry of this church. Four went to the Roman Catholic Church, three after retirement one after resigning.

It turns out the "flood" of bishops who left or where booted from active ministry as diocesans are Steenson, Duncan, Iker, and Schofield. That's a trickle.


  1. Hi Mark--Well the Primate of Nigeria is as strident and melodramatic as ever. And since this document is now widely circulated, I hope TEC will be sending a rebuttal.

    I noticed on the lawsuit front he softpedals the Grace & St. Stephen's Episcopal Church (Colorado Springs) issues. Plus he knows that we cannot just hand over property left in trust to TEC. I'm sure this has been explained over and over to him and he is either ignoring it or he just can't get himself unstuck from his 17th century mindset and doesn't get it.

    I would love to see a document listing how much TEC has contributed world-wide to relief efforts to the victims of hunger, fear, injustice and oppression.

  2. I don't think the allure of the RCC, the "real" catholic church, is what it's played up to be. They have plenty of their own problems not the least of which is their "do as I say not as I do" attitude toward sex. We have a former RCC priest in our parish studying for holy orders in TEC and his comments to me about their clergy is jaw dropping. They should NEVER point a finger at us or speak with a condescending tone.

  3. One can tell when Peter Akinola is lying because Martyn Minns's fingers are moving over a keyboard.

  4. Also on the lawsuit front, Bonnie, in the short section on suits in which TEC is a defendant, the report notes "The earliest instance of a parish starting a lawsuit was in 2000, after a dispute arose between All Saints Parish, Pawley's Island, South Carolina (SC), the Diocese of South Carolina, and TEC in connection with the formation of the Anglican Mission in America".

    This is the only such suit for which the "essentially a defensive action" let-out is not claimed. It is also the suit that has brought firmly home to the diocese of South Carolina that under SC law it will, if it attempts to follow the lead of Schofield, Duncan and Iker, have to hand over both the brand name and the keys as it leaves - the reason, I strongly suspect, why the diocese has, to date, only dabbled its toes in the pond of Secession.


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