Bishop Ilgenfritz consecrated for ACNA / FIF NA

Bishop Iker reported on the ordination last Saturday of William Ilgenfritz. This news was picked up by Mad Priest, Titus 1:9, and mostly without comment, although Mad Priest could not help but state the obvious,

"I love the irony of all these dissenters having their show consecrations in a building belonging to a foreign country that doesn't believe any of us are priests or bishops. I expect the sweetness of this irony is completely lost on the schismatics but not, in the slightest, on their Vatican hosts."

I was reminded of the fact that in a past episcopal ordination in Delaware the invitation to use a Roman Catholic Church, as had been done in the prior episcopal ordination, was withdrawn because at least one of the candidates had been previously married, and should he be elected they could not abide that! O well.

Meanwhile, Bishop Iker's report included the following comment about the chief consecrators:
"Archbishop Robert W. Duncan was the chief consecrator, and the other co-consecrators were Bishop Keith Ackerman, Bishop Edward MacBurney, and Bishop William Wantland, who also preached at the service." These four were joined by nine other bishops in laying on hands.

Three of the chief consecrators are former bishops of The Episcopal Church, deposed or resigned. The fourth, Bishop Ackerman, is listed as an assisting bishop in the Diocese of Springfield and retired of Quincy. How, we might as, can he be assisting bishop in a diocese of The Episcopal Church and a chief consecrator in a service ordering a bishop in the Anglican Church of North America, a church not in communion with TEC?

It is all a mystery, I suppose. But here is something that is not a mystery:
Bishop William Ilgenfritz is committed to the "no woman in orders" policy of Forward in Faith. One day that fact will return to bite the Anglican Church in North America.

And here is another thing plain as day: Four deposed, resigned, realigned and under the radar bishops do not instill much confidence regarding stability of life.


  1. One assumes Bp. Ackermann will now be held to have abandoned the communion and will be shocked and amazed. Various tearful posts will appear on boards of no virtue lamenting that and saying nasty things about the PB and Bp Wright will explain why we should permit this but the same logic does not apply to bishops in the CoE.

    Really it is all so predictable.


  2. As they have done for so long, they continue to make their own rules as they go. I am sure this instills a great deal of confidence in their followers,,,,,,,not.

  3. FWIW, a very enjoyable service with the all the majesty of the Anglican Way -Rite I and a great selection of hymns. The three presenters ACNA Bps Guernsey, Atwood and Murdoch were all formerly TEC priests and all three of them ordain women to the priesthood. There were also about thirty priests and deacons in the procession including four women priests. +Bill invited all the clergy of the Diocese of Pittsburgh to vest and process regardless of gender. I, among many of the other Pittsburgh priests present, support women's ordination.

  4. So, if you are committed to the concept that women cannot be ordained, deacon, priest or bishop, being improper matter, does it not contaminate your Apostolic Succession to be consecrated by ordainers of women?!?!

    Cooties are invisible, but they are being passed along still.

  5. Methinks you doth protest about ACNA too much. It's supported by the Sydney Anglicans here in Australia (who make up more than half our Anglican population), nearly all the South American and African dioceses and, I would hazard a guess that given Abp Rowan W's recent letter, it may soon be recognised by the CofE. Perhaps instead of pointing fingers at Anglicans who are trying to get along, you guys should be attending to rescuing the Episcopal Church before its watered-down version of Christianity sees it booted from the communion!

  6. Oh, Dios Mio George, please stop exaggerating and go back to school to relearn geography.

    The only folks in South America supporting the Calvinists in Sydney or ACNA are in the province of the Southern Cone. Yes, they claim a wide geographical area, but they got nobody within those borders. They had had more Anglicans in the apostate dioceses from the USA than they do at home. PB Venables and the other imported white British and Statesonian bishops have done nothing to grow that province! They are just bossing around and living off the little brown folks.

    The rest of the Anglicans in South America, the majority of Anglicans in South America, are part of TEC or the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil.

  7. If our host permit, two questions for David Wilson:

    How exactly is that support of some women gonna work with the Dallas and AMiA components? We already know it narrowed ACNA's appeal in the "Continuum."

    How in the world do you all claim to exercise valid orders given the source in TEC? If we are so bad, didn't we have a hand in those seminaries and ordination processes?


  8. Oh goodness me. Cooties? Little brown folks? Go back to school? I thought I was about to engage in some serious debate. My mistake... Carry on, folks. I shan't grace the pages of this blog again! But to leave you with a thought: Just the Southern Cone? Why would you kid yourselves like that? In Australia, supporters include the Diocese of Sydney, the Diocese of the Murray and there are rumblings in my own diocese about supporting ACNA; in Africa, the province of Rwanda, province of Nigeria, Church of Uganda and Church of Kenya. And David, I am off to school... to study theology not geography as, God willing, I intend to enter ministry here in Australia as a FiF priest under a very conservative bishop who also 'ordains' women. I'm cool with that. It's seem though you liberals have more of an issue with us catholics and evangelicals mixing together. But the wedge politics won't work when we have orthodoxy on our side. Toodle-ooh.

  9. George, is remedial reading offered. If you recheck my comment you can readily see that I specifically referred to South America, because it is a gross misstatement for you to equate the tiny population of Anglicans in the province of the Southern Cone of the Americas as the majority of South America supporting ACNA.

    Check out my foto, I too am a little brown person. Thus I can say such things.

    Seminary, been there, done four years of that! But being spoon fed Australian Orthodite hate will not get you very far.

  10. 815 has already deposed or "resignated" (resignation accepted despite no resignation offered) more than in the entire history of the denomination. Looks like we have three more in the cross-hairs. All is Well!

  11. Christian orthodoxy cannot be equated with the effective and intentional exclusion of gay and lesbian people from the life of the church - that issue on which all the current unpleasantness focuses - and the very idea that such an issue is equally important as belief in the Holy Trinity is, well, unorthodox.


  12. JIM B

    I really dson't know how to answer your questions other than just as Bonnie Anderson claims TEC is "messy" so in its own way ACNA is "messy". Why do you demand complete order and neatness for our Church when you don't demand it of your own? Why is messiness a virtue for you and a vice for us?

    Why does it have to be a winner-take-all strategy with you guys?

    David Wilson+


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