Bruce Kaye on the Anglican Covenant as a bad idea.

The Rev. Bruce Kaye, Editor of The Journal of Anglican Studies and author of, "Reinventing Anglicanism: A Vision of Confidence, Community and Engagement in Anglican Christianity" with Ian Douglas and "An Introduction to World Anglicanism (Introduction to Religion)" has published a paper on why the Anglican Covenant is not a good idea for Anglicans.

About his paper, "Why the Covenant is a bad idea for Anglicans," Bruce writes,

"There are four reasons why this covenant is not a good idea for Anglicans.

1. It is against the grain of Anglican ecclesiology (what we think the church is)

2. It is an inadequate response to the conflict in the Anglican Communion

3. In practical terms it will create immense and complicating confusion about institutional relationships and financial obligations.

4. It does not address the key fundamental issue in this conflict, how to act in a particular context which is relevant to that context and also faithful to the gospel."


While you are at it and assuming you have an interest in Anglican Communion affairs, bookmark the site worldanglicanforum.blogspot.com Its a new site, but I believe it will come to be a most important resource for students of Anglicanism.

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Deacon Charlie Perrin said...

What a shock! Who would have known that codifying what constitutes Anglicanism would create something that isn't Anglicanism?

Maybe it's time for those who really want a protestant version of the Vatican to go off and just do that.

Oh, wait. They already have. It's called GAFCON (or is it FOCA, or ACNA or...).