Crusty Old Dean on Polity matters

Polity does matter. Tom Furgurson, aka "Crusty Old Dean" (COD) knows this and writes about it on his blog. As some of you know I have been working on polity issues here as well, but have been stuck on the matter of bishops for some time now. Its beginning to feel as if I'm working on a dissertation, not some notes worthy of a blog entry. (Sigh...)  COD still has an eye for the short pithy commentary on various elements of polity.

Go over to his site and read his latest, "Reforming the PHOD as well as PB"

Good stuff!

Meanwhile, stay tuned, COD has provoked me to a grand editorial hacking away and through the brush perhaps a path will be found towards a description of our actual polity use of the episcopacy and some hopes for a better use.

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