Shameless commerce.

Under the heading of Shameless Commerce: 

I have just published a second edition of Requiem for the Dictator, The Haitian Poems, expanded to include several new poems, On the sidebar you will find a link to purchase. Hope you like them.

A sample: from "Where Forests Stood" -

The mountains cannot sustain the people,
The archer has broken the bow,
Adding its meager fuel to the fire.

The ancient people are gone.
The slaves who freed themselves are gone,
Their descendants do not remember,
Nor do the masters of the moment,
Descendants of the slave owners,
Retainers of empire.

They do not remember
That Haiti is the mountains,
And that they once were a covering,
And a source of healing,
     but no more.

There will be no real revolution
Until the trees are planted:
No new social order
that is not green.

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