The Death of a Friend and Mentor

While away in Haiti for an "encounter" I received news that a good friend and mentor died as result of injuries from an automobile accident.

The Rev. Canon Simon Mein was a dear friend, a mentor, and an example of lively and expansive life in older age. He wrote a blog, "SimonSurmises" and while he did not write often, when he wrote I paid attention. His intellect and humor, his cooking and his general delight in all things was a gift.

The Bishop of Delaware, Wayne Wright, wrote this about Simon:

"I write with sad news.  Simon Mein was seriously injured in an automobile accident while on his way home from the Diocesan Convention on Saturday.  He died on Sunday afternoon.  I was with his wife, Nan, and family when he died.

Simon was ordained a priest in the Church of England.  He had a distinguished career on the faculty and as dean of Kellam Theological College.  He came to Delaware in 1972 to serve as chaplain at St. Andrew’s School.  For twenty years he guided the religious mission of the school.  His ministry profoundly influenced a generation of students, faculty, and staff.  Following retirement he served several Delaware congregations, most recently as associate at All Saints, Rehoboth and St. George’s, Harbeson.

Simon will be remembered for his passionate belief to a faith expressed with intellectual integrity, his deep learning, and commitment to an ethical life.  He was a good friend and teacher to many of us."

On his blog, Simon gave this "about me" statement:

"Educated: Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire (Founded 1561). R.N. (1945-58)- P.O. Radar Mechanic. Four year General Theology Course, Kelham Theological College. B.A.Hons. Nottingham University (U.K.). M.A. - Nott. Univ.(1959), completing nine years of Biblical Studies, Church Hist., Philosophy and Theology. Taught under-Graduates 1956-69. Dean of Seminary 1962-69. Chaplain and Teacher St. Andrew's School, Delaware 1970-91. Associate All SS Episc. Church Rehoboth, Delaware (1999- ). Taught Adults, Academy Life-Long Learning (1992-2005)"
Death is sometimes a friend, sometimes not. In this instance death was no friend at all.


Grandmère Mimi said...

May Simon rest in peace and rise in glory. May God give comfort, consolation, and the peace that passes understanding to all who love Simon, including you, Mark.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Amen, rest in peace and rise in Glory.

it's margaret said...

Mark, I am so sorry for your loss. Grieve well dear man.

Lois Keen said...

Oh no, not Simon. Not in a car. He was a lovely man. Not mushy lovely, stand-up lovely. I grieve for Nan.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I grieve the loss of this wonderful man with an amazing wit and deep, deep passion for the gospel.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

WSJM said...

I am very sorry to hear of Simon's death by accident. I knew him briefly back in the Olden Days when he was at Kelham and visited us at West Park. A memorable man. Indeed may he rest in peace, and may his family and friends find comfort.