Short Takes 1: All Quiet on the New Hampshire Front

So, let's get this right.  Before the  Diocese of New Hampshire held its election for a bishop last week, the rabid right and the mild conservatives both were worried about the awful possibility that a gay person might again be elected to be bishop in New Hampshire.  Considerable wringing of hands and muttering too place about the gay cabal and the in your face presence on which they insisted. Doom and gloom were the order of the day.

Well, New Hampshire once again voted its own wishes and the candidate elected turned out not to be gay. On the whole gay Episcopalians and their friends opined that there may have been some disappointment, but the elected bishop, The Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld was a fine choice and more the choice of the electors.  There was general good wishes for Bishop elect Hirschfeld.

On the other hand the hand wringers had not a word to say about how New Hampshire once again exercisd its voice and elected, by democratic process a candidate of their choice.

The propensity by the right to dump on a canonical and democratic process that results in candidates of different sorts complete with dire predictons about the future is apparently inversly porportional to the ability to congratulate that same process when it yelds an election of a candidate, even one they can accept..

Alternately the propensity of the progressive and gay community is to demand an open process which includes otherwise qualified gay persons and then congratulate the winner who ever that may be.

It turns out that some (mostly the progressive and the gay) get it:  celebrate democratic process and live with the result.

I've heard not a single remark before or after the election suggesting that because the elected person might be a straight person they were leaving the church. Not so for the right. Did I miss something?

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