On the Budget I

Sometimes there is little need to write much, just refer folks to something more challenging than mere muttering. So it is on the matter of the Episcopal Church budget for 2013-15.  

Go read  A Nimble and Adaptive Fix for the Budget,by Michael Russell Then let's talk.   He is clear and succinct. Hard to find these days.

Bravo Michael!  

Now, how to get the budget folk to listen to this?


SCM said...

I think we have to face the question of the cost of PB.

Other than that, isn't a major question raised by the budget debacle, "who ARE the budget folk?" You speak of 'budget folk' and you are on EC! The PB is on EC. Yet we have a budget produced by the PB. This is surely unprecedented. It looks very unprofessional and bespeaks the problem.


SCM said...

Whew -- this is getting really bad. When will it get sorted? This looks like a real slow-motion train wreck.



Tom Sramek, Jr. said...

I kind of like the "assessment for canonically required functions, asking for program" idea. However, the big question is: Would you do this on a parish level? Don't want to fund Christian Education? No problem, designate your pledge for worship. Not a big fan of the Rector (or Presiding Bishop, or COO Sauls, or...) then designate your pledge elsewhere. As much as I am a fan of "making the case", I'm afraid what this would leave us with is a social service agency with a lobbyist, of which there are plenty.

Judi said...

I have been hearing this discussion since the last Episcopal Business Administrators Conference in NYC last Sept. As always, let's remember that budgets are really people and need much support during these discussions.

I also known that those that are driven by mission are not always the best to raise funds. I imagine another type of fundraising where the goal is not the mission the total raised. Similar to the state of politics in this country.

It seems that the Episcopal Church is taking it's direction from society and not the other way around.