Parallel Play: New Zealand and The Episcopal Church.

The  Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia is having its 60th General Synod July 6-13 about the same time as The Episcopal Church is having its 77th General Convention, July 5-12.

The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia will consider bills (resolutions) concerning the blessing of same sex unions and the Anglican Covenant, just as will TEC. 

It would be good to keep them in our prayers as we hope they will keep us in theirs. 


Father Ron Smith said...

Thank you, Mark, for noting the similarity of our position in ACANZP with that of TEC's upcoming General Convention.

There have already been more threats from con/evos about the possibility of a split in the Church because of Motions being brought to our General synod which will affect our Church's attitude toward Gays and Lesbians.

I join you in our prayers for our respective Churches as we seek to bring 'release to the captives'.

JCF said...


Peter Carrell said...

Our budget might be unparalleled in its lack of chaos :)

Zane Elliott said...

Interesting that Father Ron has decided those of us having an open conversation are supposedly making 'threats... about the possibility of a split in the Church.' Ron, I'd be interested to know who is threatening to leave ACANZP, and where you have been privy to such conversations.

I'm sure TEC is still reeling from the reality of some being excluded from the fold in a radical move to include others.

From where I sit as a 'con/evo' priest (your designation Ron, not mine) I struggle to reconcile how those who hold to 'traditional' practice (like the wearing of certain robes, using only Prayer Book services) can be so innovative in the area of human sexuality and NOT expect it to have an impact on those who hold a traditional theology of such things. Should the fact that people are really and truly grappling, painfully, with their future really be seen as threatening behaviour?

Mark, from the outside it appears there is a whole load of bad blood between conservatives and progressives in TEC, It would interesting to hear your perspective of how those who have felt they needed to leave TEC has impacted all who have stayed (irrespective of their theological stances). Has there been an attitude of 'Good riddance' or have you felt/witnessed real hurt at some leaving your fellowship?

Brother David said...

Zane, the same to you, where have you been privy to folks being excluded from TEC. From my vantage here in North America (Mexico), I see that folks have elected to leave, I have seen no one excluded.

Brother David said...

ACANZ&P said No to the Covenant, may TRC say likewise.