Coincidence? I don't think so!

Mad Priest has found evidence of a link between my humble brag about 2000 entries and some piece of drivel written by.... hold on,  Harris Wittels.  (OK I admit I haven't read Humblebrag, but perhaps I don't need to.)  Coincidence in the timing of the practice of humblebrag by yours truly and the publication of this new manual on the art of same?  Maybe not.

The evidence is not all in, but note the potential humblebrag itself HERE. And the odd coincidence of name... Mark Harris - Harris Wittels.  Granted the last becomes first (good biblical precedence) but what to do with Mark and Wittels. Not much to work on there. 

But with the understanding that false modesty is often a cover for real humbug of the first order, who knows, perhaps Mark Harris and Harris Wittels are linked at the umbilical - MH as a practitioner and HW as an theoretician of humbelbrag.

All we know for sure is that Mad Priest, a far too clever British cleric who is too insightful to actually be valued by the church established, has flung his investigative eye far afield and found this LINK between a slightly oozy (I will admit) self congratulation and the new found art / sin of humblebrag. 

Completely abashed I stand at the bar accused, left whimpering and rather hoping that I will not forever be known as a master at humblebrag.

On the other hand its nice to be at the top of a wave, as it were.  Who knew humble bragging was an art?

And, who knows, perhaps one humblebrag brings other humblebraggers out of the hedgerows and into the lane where they too will be squished like squeerls on a fine summer day.

Coincidence?  I don't think so.

As always, in the debt to Mad Priest.


MadPriest said...

Actually, I wasn't referring to your post, Mark. Yours was a straightforward brag and perfectly acceptable. I was, in fact, referring to one of the comments under your post which I thought was a perfect example of what the the author of this book is talking about.

Anonymous said...

Whittling is a way of marking something. So the trap snaps more convincingly!

MadPriest's investigative reporter.