All quiet, yet one wonders...Episcopal and Anglican Land in the lull before the storm(s)

It's mighty quiet out there:

The advertisement for a Secretary to General Convention is gone. Meaning I presume that they have candidates in hand. When will there be an announcement?

Well, perhaps at the meeting of Executive Council next week (Executive Council meets October 15-18).  Who knows?  And perhaps from there we will also be notified of the members of the special task force on restructure of the Episcopal Church.

Meanwhile nothing continues to be heard from the Bishop of South Carolina or about him. Given his most recent statement one would think it is all settled, he just doesn't want to divulge it all to the world until the time is right. But the quite continues and one begins to wonder if there is anything at all going on behind that smile.  For sure he is skating near the edge. Most of his options, save staying on as the "loyal opposition" will involve stretching his vows to the breaking point.

And, over in Pennsylvania, the slow simmering of an episcopate gone bad continues to be a problem, but one hopefully moving to some conclusion.  But for the moment, nothing is heard, no smoke, white or otherwise. 

And in international waters the Crown Nominations Commission is apparently still at work, true to the promise that they had more work to do. Something has to break from there soon or the Commission will lose its window for action and be replaced. 

And to top it off there is the lawsuit in Texas concerning the proper disposal of the funds and property of the Diocese of Fort Worth (I mean the real one...the one still part of The Episcopal Church). That comes up on the 16th.

Things are pretty quiet out there... but we can be sure there are moves afoot, plots a brewing, decisions being made. And while Preludium cannot predict just what is going on out there in Anglican Episcopal Land in the time of silence, Preludium believes we have here a calm before the storm. Unseen behind the calm front there is the beginnings of a new run of stories.

This week and next should see some new winds and occasional signs and portents in the skies.


James said...

It would be nice to hear more about the lawsuit in Texas coming up on the 16th - is there further info available somewhere about that?

Ed said...

More information regarding the Texas lawsuit can be found at the diocesan site: http://www.episcopaldiocesefortworth.org/holystewardship.htm