Anglican Consultative Council resolutions silent on the Covenant.

The Anglican Consultative Council finished up their work on November 7th and published a list of resolutions. The list can be reviewed HERE.

There is no mention in this list of the Anglican Covenant. There are resolutions on a wide variety of matters that grew from the concerns of the various networks. Of particular interest are resolutions related to the Five Marks of Mission, and the Continuing Indaba.  But about the Anglican Covenant, nada.

There was a presentation on the Covenant, conversation, an update about the status of the Covenant in the Communion,  and the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke to issues related to the Anglican Covenant in his Presidential address.  Apparently none of these conversations and observations carried sufficient weight to merit a resolution. 

The ACC will not meet until 2016 to consider the matter further, and it has put in place no process by which "sign on" would mean anything at all related to inclusion in the ACC.

My sense is what we are seeing here is a drift away, or perhaps a more deliberate push away, from this particular effort to articulate a framework for order in the Anglican Communion.  Instead the weight of resolutions seems to be towards the Five Marks of Mission and the Networks and the Anglican Alliance as response from Anglican-land.

As for the "order" proposed in the forth section of the Anglican Covenant, we can look to continuing work by canon lawyer types on this, most likely in the development of case studies, further work on comparisons of various regional and national church canons, and the use of agreed on standards of behavior, as in the "safe church" materials that have come out of ACC-15.  My guess is that inter-Anglican canon law  will develop slowly from the "common law" approach in which there is no written constitution but rather a growing body of cases in which interventions on behalf of the Communion are taken by this or that office on the basis of particular agreements reached between Churches.  

But for now, apparently, the less resolved about the Covenant, the better.

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