The side bar thingy on blogs of interest...

Ever since having started this blog I've kept a side bar of sites I want to check on daily. For some time now I've not done any adding to the list. So it was a surprise yesterday to discover how easy it now is on Blogger to do just that.  

For your reading pleasure, dear friends, I now include  "Stories from the Grand Canal, Crusty Ol Dean, Liturgy and Anglicans Down Under.  Liturgy and Anglicans Down Under are a gentle reminder that some of our best Anglican thinkers are there in New Zealand. Crusty Ol Dean is just who he says he is, too young to be a dean of a Seminary and to crusty to be anything but ancient. And Grand Canal is Jacqueline Schmitt, writer extraordinaire. With the exception of Anglicans Down Under these are all "progressive" voices,  but ADU does a fine job making some of us stay focused and clear. 

As the number of really good writers in Anglican land grows it becomes more and more tempting to say "Go for it!" I'm taking a rest.

Not yet, but close.


Peter Carrell said...

Thank you, Mark!

Of course I like to think that I am as progressive as Scripture and Anglican polity allows me to be :)

John Sandeman said...

although like Peter I am a different sort of Anglican to you in some respects, I appreciate all the times you have made me think, and even rethink. Thankyou.
John Sandeman

Chris H. said...

Hmm, I can see all the blogs except Anglicans Down Under on the list. Is it just me/my computer?

Mark Harris said...

screwup with trying to get this done from Haiti....where I have minimal internet access. I will try to fix it now. Thanks