Walking on Haitian Ground

Over the years I have written a series of poems about Haiti, and in particular about the need to bury the dictator. The collection has been in the past published as "Requiem for the Dictator."  After three months as Scholar in Residence at the Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church of Haiti, I have produced what I believe is my last version of these poems along with new poems and fifteen block prints and cyanotypes by way of illustration.

I hope you will buy the book.

"Walking on Haitian Ground" is an 80 page book available through Blurb. Click on the cover at the left to go to the order page.

Here is what I had to say about "Walking on Haitian Ground."

I have come to realize that these poems are not about Haiti, or even "my" Haiti.  They are about our struggles against the attractive tyranny or totalitarianism of the elite - those chosen some how to stand as guardians for the rest of us. They concern the aspirations that grew from the  Declaration of the Rights of Man, a document that greatly influenced the revolutionary thinking in Haiti and still stands as a vision and hope.

So it is perhaps appropriate that these poems now have the general title, "Walking on Haitian Ground."  I maintain that part of that walking is the worship of God who holds the dictator accountable even beyond the end of a not quite completed requiem.  But beyond that, I cannot go.

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