Graciousness from BabyBlue

BabyBlueOnline carries all sorts of posts about life as a former Episcopalian now CANA / ACNA faithful person who has a thingy about Bob Dylan.

Today she posted a video from St. James Episcopal Church, Richmond. A Dylan Mass. Wonderful video and delightful use of Bob Dylan's poetry / music for worship. 

And her caption, "God Loves Episcopalians!" and the subtext "How could he not?"

BabyBlue shows the generosity of spirit that brings a hope that we are not forever separated.

Made my day!

Go thou and click on the video HERE.


Leonard Clark said...

(God likes a good test of faith...I knew that already)

Lapinbizarre said...

I have a healthy respect and liking for BB. Thanks for this.

Small Farmer in The City said...

So, shall we expect a Jerry Garcia Mass out of the CANA contingent in response?

Mark Harris said...

Let's hope so... for that I'd love to be invited!

BabyBlue Anglican said...

God bless you, Mark. Let us not give up hope!