Twitter Poems:140 spaces, exactly.

(These are "Twitter Poems," in the Twitter format exactly 140 character spaces long. The idea is to write poems where the counter goes exactly to zero. It has been a delight to work at. Just the right length for a more or less contemplative poetic jotting. )

Fondly, softly,
day comes
to the marsh.
Birds can't wait
& chatter
in anticipation,
but dawn comes
& all are
for a moment

The Moon follows me:
Present, here,
absent, still here.
Moon whispers,
"you are not alone."
I whisper, "yes,
I know."
Moon smiles.
Me too.

Jacques Ellul,
such a tool,
seeing Jesus beyond
Marx & Adam Smith
& even progressive Christianity,
remembering Him dead & poor
& then alive.
Mon chere eats rum
Raisin ice cream
With such care.

I want
Her lips
To treat my old
Self with the same:
Reverence & greed
In equal measure.
singing is the best of preaching
& knows no ordination
save exalting grace;
or the blue pain that
lays hands suddenly
and cries for relief.
Just now I learned
How not to print
A woodblock,
How not to be scared of trying,
And not to blame.

Shit happens,

It just does.

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it's margaret said...

mmmmmm --rum raisin ice cream.... !!!!

I love these Mark!