Why I've been too busy to write about Anglican Land much these past two weeks

Well for starters the issues heating up in Anglican Land are complex and my heart is not into parsing out the implications of budget processes at a time of restructure, mission in the twenty-first century using nineteenth century conceptual schemes, and so forth. It is after all blessed summer; that and having to preach on Trinity Sunday, and doing a funeral yesterday for a twenty year old I baptized 19 years ago. 

And then again I've been of in Twitter land trying out the possibility of writing poems that are exactly (spaces and punctuation included) 140 spaces long (the largest tweet allowed).  And in the midst of that working on some art - wood block prints mostly.  

So, for those of you still interested in Preludium's other worlds, here are some samples from the past two weeks. 


Seven days' Creation is not enough. 
 Mona Lisa got her smile, 
the bathers innocence 
By art taking up unfinished Tasks
& doing God's Work.

Woman on Fire. First proof, wood block

Spring birds, with spirit song, 
hover by the feeder, 
rising as one when 
ground shadows move, 
danger in the air. 
They will be back for seed.

Dancing with one leg Monoprint

God in three persons: 
but what of God the great unknowable 
and me unknown? 
in our mansion for nobodies 
the doors & jambs have been removed.

Hot. Damn everything but the clorofil 
-riffic air: smells of cut grass toasted, 
of Kathryn's blooms, 
of spread mulch, 
& new wine & bread.

Self,  woodblock

Incoming tide Meets outgoing flow. 
Marriage is not static 
Between river & bay, 
Or one & one: 
Surface ripples dance, 
Deeper currents contend.

Each day brings stories, 
each hour news: 
only the moment brings life. 
Without it time passes unnoticed 
no apocalypse, 
no applause, 

dogs sound the alarm 
"up, up attention to the day, 
play, play, stroke my muzzle 
send me into the yard 
to chase squirrels!" 
I am raised up.

Finally Spring has found 
its sweet air & light, 
the days longer, 
not yet heavy 
its nights light blanket cool, 
all balanced, 
wonderfully now.


Brother David said...

Woman on Fire, have you been reading the Hunger Games trilogy Padre?

Leonard Clark said...

¨Dancing with one leg Monoprint¨

I like this, lots...thank you.