Ten Years, more or less, and blessed at St. Peter's, :Lewes

Ten years ago this Sunday (September 15th) I signed up to work as an assisting priest at St. Peter's Church Lewes. That was a rector and and interim ago and the years have gone by with wonder and grace. I was off the grid for a few months while The Rev. Jeff Ross came on as Rector and I stepped back.  He was kind enough to invite me back. So, September 15th is ten years, more or less.

I have been blessed to be part of a community that has taken in Kathryn (an easy task) and my family, baptisms and all, and me.  We continue to be delighted and blessed by being part of the community at St. Peter's.

In so called retirement I have been lucky enough to work with the youth and with adult members interested in expanding their engagement with the wider world and church. St. Peter's has supported youth and adult engagement with mission both near and far, and I have had the chance to join them in their explorations. As a result I am younger in spirit now than when I came, and stronger in faith.

This is, as they say, a GOOD DEAL.


Jeff Ross said...

You have been a tremendous gift and blessing to the community at Saint Peter's! May God bless and keep Kathryn and you with many more days of joy and happiness here in the little town by the big waters!

William Birch said...

Among all the negativity with regard to congregations, or TEC in general, reading a loving and positive post is so very refreshing!!! Thank you for sharing it!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

You are a blessing to St. Peter's and the Diocese of DE. It's wonderful to know you are just down the road a piece.