Sermon on Luke 18:1-8: Don't Lose Heart

I keep old sermons somewhere on disk. Some of those disks no longer have readers - remember floppies? Some are on old floppies. Some are on those little disks in cases. Some are in various document files on backup drives. But never mind, I never go back and look at what I wrote. Every time I have to preach, is it from scratch. 

But of course I go on the net to see what is out there.  Well, it finally caught up with me.  In 2001 I wrote a piece for The Christian Century on Luke 18:1-8, the Gospel for tomorrow.  Wandering around this afternoon I found it.  Reads pretty well after all these  years. 

For the moment I do not lose heart. Old stuff shows up when I need it.

Take a look: HERE, and Do Not Lose Heart.

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