Turning towards Mission

Preludium has been silent for several weeks.  I've been thinking about the future of this blog. 

While there will continue to be times when Preludium will comment on the "front line" issues of The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, and the distractions of various sorts that arise from the church fights that ensue, the general course of comments here will shift, turn, towards mission.

General news of The Episcopal Church, the Anglican Communion and their struggles are covered increasingly by competent on-line commentary and reports. There are the official news blats of the various churches, of course, but as important are the gatherers of information - Episcopal Cafe, Thinking Anglicans being primary - and the commentaries of various sorts, from philosophical and theological to spiritual to mostly positive rants. 

I have for a long time listed those I consider particularly interesting on the left column of this blog. 

What I am proposing to do now is list on the right column of the blog are sites that are specifically about a turn toward mission.  And as a matter of personal discipline (something I could use from time to time) I intend daily to feature something I have found on the net pertaining to Mission in  The Episcopal Church and / or the Anglican Communion.  Occasionally there will be excursions into the non-Anglican world, since of course mission belongs to God's people, not to this or that church. For the next 365 days then I hope to post an item a day on "turning towards Mission."  I will send a note to Facebook and to Twitter on each of these. 

I am convinced that unless we turn towards mission we will miss the point of reform, either from within or without, and find ourselves, The Episcopal Church, and the Anglican Communion wallowing in a world of "what if," rather than a world of "lets be who we are and do it."

My hope is that Preludium will continue to contribute to the wellbeing of the Church and the beloved Community of all God's people.  Actually, that's my hope for my ministry in general, as it is for yours.

So there it is. 

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