Continuing Advent Prayers

Last week I noted a fine set of prayers of the people for Advent I, written by Chris Brennan Lee.  Well, she's at it again. This time for Advent II.  I am sorry not to have gotten them out in time for the actual Sunday, but I am hoping that by now those of you interested will link directly to Chris' blog to get these prayers in a more timely fashion. 

However, all is not lost. The prayers are quite elegant and useful for meditation and prayer during the week, so go take a look at them HERE. 

As you might surmise, here at Preludium my preoccupations have turned to other matters, mostly printmaking. I'm beginning to make notes for a series of relief prints building on the imagery of the Revelation of John the Divine.  While I am keeping up with Anglican / Episcopal matters, my heart is not particularly warmed or stirred by current doings.  It will be, I am sure, but not just now.

But listening to some wonderful Advent music yesterday at St. Peter's, Lewes, and to Paul Winter tonight while working on a block print, and thinking about church life, I particularly latched onto this prayer from Chris' People's Prayers:

"~ O Timeless God of Wonder, enfold and guide those who lead Your Church as they walk us forward into ever-changing tides and times.  Help us, Your People and Leader(s) of (add your parish/congregation/diocese/province name here), walk together through the thinning fog towards the coming Light.

Prepare us, LORD, for the coming of Your Glory."

I am more aware than I often am of the fog, thinning and otherwise, and so aware also of the great hope I have for light.

Come Lord Jesus. 

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