Saving the Museum of Art of College St. Pierre, Port au Prince, Haiti

Le Nouvelliste (the national newspaper of Haiti) has just published a piece on the Museum of Art of College St. Pierre.  At long last the beginnings of the work to repair structural damage caused by the earthquake of 2010 is underway.  Read the article HERE.

The Museum of Art of College St. Pierre is immensely important to the vitality of the arts in Haiti. It houses thousands of works of Haitian art and encourages the arts in Haiti through exhibits, its museum shop and exhibitions in various institutions in and outside Haiti.

Bishop Alfred Voegeli, who had the vision that led to having murals by Haitian artists in the Cathedral in Port - au - Prince, collected Haitian art and worked closely with the Center of Art,  and under his visionary influence, before and after being expelled from Haiti, the museum came into being.  More can be read about the Museum, its collections and history HERE.  

This is good news indeed. 


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