Shameless bragging rights department: Matthew Harris, Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship 2014

Matthew_harris_pict_150x150Matthew P. Harris (aka son of Mark and Kathryn Harris) has been granted a Guggenheim Fellowship for 2014.  See the statement about him HERE.

Parental units are fantastically pleased.

Bragging rights are included and sent to us by separate registered letter.

Congratulations Matthew!  

Now, explain just how your work on genetics and evolution influence the course of the debate on the filioque clause. Anglican and Episcopalian theological minds want to know. Or barring that, what does the study of zebra fish tell us about the proper date of Easter?


Christina Brennan Lee said...

'Way to go Matt! Happy pride, mom and dad!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Excellent! Joy to all! Leonardo/Len

it's margaret said...

Congratulations Matthew!
Way to go, Parental Units!

geoconger said...

Congratulations Mark on this wonderful news from your son!