The Episcopal Church is not for sale or rent, nor for the stealing.

The Episcopal Church is not for sale or rent, nor for the stealing. That's it. Those who wish to take it somewhere by means other than the workings of General Convention changes in canons and prayer book, by diocesan and national conversation, by parish practice and by the common life of the Church itself have had their day.

The attempts to bend the path of this Church's ministry by agitating for the realignment of the Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion have raised important issues and concerns, but these attempts have carried with them a virus, one that could kill the Episcopal Church's gift to the wider Anglican Communion and Christian community. We have been caught up in the miseries of this virus and now it is time to learn what we can from this peculiar time and get on with the life God has given this Church.

The Episcopal Majority is one part of that effort to return to the work of the Episcopal Church, a work which includes continued involvement with our brothers and sisters in the Anglican Communion and with Christians and friends worldwide.

The Episcopal Majority is the effort of a growing number of Episcopalians that believe it is time to put those who would bend the Church to some new form by extra-legal means on notice: The Episcopal Church is not for sale, rent or for the stealing. The Episcopal Majority is having its first National Gathering in Washington, D.C., November 3-4, 2006.

I will be there. I hope many of you will be too.

The major work of the Gathering will take place on the 3rd, with Key Note Speaker Bishop Jon Bruno. Here is the announcement of that, published on The Episcopal Majority website:

"Bishop Bruno to Keynote National Gathering

The Right Reverend Jon Bruno, bishop of Los Angeles, will be the featured speaker at the first meeting of The Episcopal Majority on November 3 in Washington, D. C. He is a recognized leader in the Episcopal Church in such areas as interfaith ministry, education, nonviolence, the Kaleidoscope Project (which facilitates ministry in multicultural settings), and the diocesan Reconciliation Project, which works with people of diverse backgrounds and opinions, helping them find ways to understand each other and work together.

Bishop Bruno, who has just returned from a conference in London, will speak on the challenges confronting the Episcopal Church today.
Click here to download the meeting's agenda and a sign-up sheet that can be printed and mailed."

I believe this will be an important gathering related to the ongoing effort to keep the Episcopal Church a vital and wholesome example of the Faith.

Join us! If you can't be there, keep the Gathering in your prayers, and as always pray for the Church.


  1. I was going to leave a comment about a "garage sale then", but there is such a lack of humor at this point in time that I must simply do my best Emily Littela impersonation and just say, "Never mind!"

  2. Amen, Mark. Amen. And again I say, AMEN!

  3. Mark,

    I do wish I could come. I think Sue-z and I added something to the Atlanta conference and I know we learned and experienced a lot. Unfortunately, I am comitted both days Sue-z is comitted one of the days. Both of our comittments are ministry that we have to do.

    Our prayers will have to suffice.

    Know that both remaining living Episcopalian Republican Prorgresives will keep you and the meeting in our prayers. (And you thought we were extinct!)

    (the lesser half of Sue-z and Jim from Chicago)

  4. Mark, while I am unable to be with you all in Washington in person, know that I'll be there in spirit and will have fingers poised above keyboard ready to post the latest up-to-the-minute news to TEM's website/blog.

    Do be sure to say hi to everyone for me, ok?

  5. Mark,

    As a seminarian in my final year (at VTS) (with a spouse and a family), I am on a tight budget. Are there 'student' rates for the gathering in November? I couldn't find any contact information on the Episcopal Majority website. I will be bringing along some friends as well ...

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  7. Peter, send a note to episcopalmajority@gmail.com for info. All they are asking for is a $25 donation to cover expenses, but please don't let that stop you.

    Its very important for as many people to be there as possible, so I recommend registering for the meeting regardless. If you need help with the cost, I'll be happy to cover the $25 fee for you.


  8. We will have several representatives from Pittsburgh there. That weekend also happens to be our Diocesan Convention and although there are only 14 parishes that are non-network and opposed to Duncan's policies, we've been encouraged to attend and stand our ground.

    Peace, Bob in Wash, PA


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