Clarifying CANA's agenda and plans: the Cat is out of the Bag.

There have been quite a few comments regarding a statement of clarification regarding CANA (The Convocation of Anglicans in North America) made by Canon Kenneth Kearon and a formal response from CANA. In particular see Thinking Anglicans on this.

The statement from Canon Kearon was in consultation with the Archbishop of Canterbury. CANA’s response is unsigned.

The whole exchange has established three things:
  • The claim by Mary Springmann to the Truro folk that CANA is “an authentic part of the Anglican Communion and acknowledged by the Primates and by Archbishop of Canterbury,” is not true. The Primates and the ABC have made no statement of acknowledgement. The inference from “authentic part of the Anglican Communion” from “a mission of the Church of Nigeria” is a leap and Truro was called on that. See the Daily Episcopalian for a comment on this.
  • As far as CANA is concerned things are unfolding in accordance with the agreements made between the American bishops and the Global South Steering Committee made in November, that there will be a united request for a new province structure, and

  • There is the not too subtle threat that if things do not go well at the Primates Meeting, in CANA’s eyes or perhaps in the eyes of the Global South Steering Committee, all bets are off. The GS folk are playing their one card early, a year and several months before the next Lambeth Conference is scheduled. They have to, for if they intend to form an alternative conference they will need lead time. If they don’t feel that will be necessary they will begin the push for agenda control of Lambeth beginning in February.

Things are messy and will get more so. As the stakes get higher it will be harder to remember that we are called to be followers of Jesus Christ and live in the faith that the peace of God, which surely passes our understanding in these days, will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

But we can, and we must. Being an Episcopalian is a vocation that for the moment seems near the edge. It is just our turn, and a long time coming at that. We must do what we believe is right and let it unfold. Yet in all this we must be alert. There are those who will steal the sheep and run off with the silver, all the time claiming they are the holy ones and we are debased. They are with guile and while honored as brothers and sisters for whom Christ died, they are not to be given license to steal.


  1. Well said. Of course, you realize that they are saying the exact same things about us... we can only have faith that God will sort things out.

  2. Per Leonardo: "Helping sick people recover from their illness is easier when they receive both professional help and healing prayers from ALL of Gods people." We agree, and that is what Reparative Therapy can do for you.


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