Revisions of attendance at Global South Steering Committee Meeting x 2

(Included in this revision are corrections suggested by a comment made to the post.)

OK, granted I am away from my so called desk, not in touch with the Rector of All Lewes for spiritual guidance, and bereft of immediate care, still I find it interesting to see the corrections and other memorabilia related to the meeting of the Global South Steering Committee (GSSC) - a Committee I might remind you, dear readers, that is itself a product of an increasingly self-regulated group of evangelically led Provinces of the Anglican Communion.

I published the list of members of the GSSCas per the Global Anglican Web site, and highlighted those members who, contrary to Windsor's express hope, have interjected their ministries into the jurisdiction of the Province that is The Episcopal Church. It turns out I was wrong. The real list of attendees did not include Archbishop Venables, Gomez and Malango. I have corrected my list to reflect the REAL presence at the meeting.
So, here is the list:

"President: Most Rev'd Peter J. Akinola, Nigeria
General Secretary:
Most Rev'd John Chew, Southeast Asia
Treasurer: Most Rev'd Mouneer Anis, Jerusalem and the Middle East.
Most Rev'd Emmanuel Kolini, Rwanda
Most Rev'd Drexel Gomez, West Indies
Most Rev'd Bernard Malango, Central Africa

Most Rev'd Gregory Venables, Southern Cone

Assoc Secretary:
Bishop Martyn Minns
Asst Secretaries: Canon Wong Tak Meng, Canon Terry Wong

Other Global South Primates do participate in some of the meetings as and when the need arises. The Most Revd Henry Orombi (Uganda) participated in the recent meeting in London."

So, according to the folks in the know, the real list included five Archbishops, four of whom are implicated in the effort to establish new "orthodox" groups in the US. Venables, who has also done so was not there, nor were Malango or Gomez who have not. The final list then is
five Archbishops plus Bishop Minns. The statement from the Global South Primates is then a product of five Archbishps and a Bishop, and includes four of the seven regular members of the GSSC.

On the other hand, there is a picture presented on the Church of Nigeria pages posted here that presents the meeting as quite a bit larger, and including (if my eyes are not failing me) the distinct image of the Archbishop of the Province of Southern Africa.

What is going on here? Well, the meeting was small, smaller even than the last meeting of the Global South Steering Committee. It was supplemented by a vocal fellow traveler Archbishop and a highly active bishop member of the "secretariat." It was posted with the impression that the meeting was quite large.

It is, in other words, a fake. The meeting was of four of the seven members of the Steering Committe. It was supplemented by the addition of two additional persons. Of that group of six persons, all but one are involved in interventions. It was posted as being a much larger meeting.

Something in all this stinks.

Why should we particularly pay attention to the words of four of seven memebers of a Steering Committee speaking, supposedly, for the Global South but excluding a wide variety of "South" people and having a posting of their meeting accompanied by a picture of a wide variety of people not acknowledged as being present at all?


  1. The whole GS Steering Committee London "caper" reeks of stupidly conceived and manipulative ongoing "sideshows" and grandstanding to distract from REAL (see The Archbishop of York for a reality check)...one might think that these gents think everyone is as deceptive, sloppy and creepy as they are.

    Leonardo Ricardo

  2. "Something in all this stinks" sums it up pretty well, Fr. Harris, Sir.

  3. Mark - By my count there are seven members of the committee, not six. But I could be wrong. I would guess that the photo is of the GS meeting last September. I could be wrong about that too. The more interesting fact to me, was that Archbishop Malango, who is on the committee, did not attend, but did a few days later go to Spain to share Eucharist with members of TEC. Hmmm...

  4. Mark,
    not sure if I follow your counting, but there was another archbishop/primate at the London meeting: Mouneer Anis, Primate of Jerusalem and the Middle East. Does that make 5 archbishops and 4 of the 7 members GS standing committee?
    It should be noted he plans to attend your forthcoming HoB meeting as a member of the primates' standing committee.


  5. Obadiahslope...Thanks. I corrected the post to reflect this. Sorry about the oversight.


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