Usurpring bishops, elect and otherwise.

The Convocation of Anglicans in North America has published the names of the persons elected by the Church of Nigeria.

'The bishops-elect are the Rev’d Canon Roger Ames (Akron, OH), the Rev’d Canon David Anderson (Atlanta, GA), the Ven. Amos Fagbamiye (Indianapolis, IN), and the Rev’d Canon Nathan Kanu (Oklahoma City, OK). The consecrations will take place in the USA before the end of 2007, at a date and place yet to be determined. These four bishops-elect will join Missionary Bishop Martyn Minns and Suffragan Bishop David Bena in providing an indigenous ecclesiastical structure for faithful Anglicans in this country."

"Indigenous" is an odd term to use in this respect....almost everyone, save the permanent long term residents are not indigenous to this land. That of course includes Bishop Minns.

At any rate, there it is. So now the list of not so indigenous bishops from the various usurper Provinces can be filled out:

The plague of bishops grows and the scandal of mission for the purpose of usurpation intensifies. The Bishops listed here take their authority from Provinces that believe that The Episcopal Church is lost to heresy and unbiblical thinking and must be replaced by another entity. There is no longer any effort for a coup, taking over The Episcopal Church. Instead there is an organized effort to raise a counter force so great that it must be recognized as the legitimate Anglican Communion presence in North America by the Anglican Communion “instruments” of unity.

Here is a list of the bishops who are part of this effort to usurp the legitimate place of The Episcopal Church as the Anglican Communion Province with jurisdiction in the United States of American and some ten overseas dioceses.

Province of Kenya
1.Bishop Bill Atwood
2.Bishop Bill Murdoch

Province of the Southern Cone:
3.Bishop Bill Cox (formerly TEC Bishop)
4.Bishop Andy Fairfield (formerly TEC Bishop)
5.Bishop John Guernsey

Anglican Mission in America
6. Bishop Charles Hurt (Chuck) Murphy, III
7. Bishop Alexander Maury (Sandy) Greene
8. Bishop Thomas William (TJ) Johnston, Jr.
9. Bishop John Hewitt Rodgers, Jr.(Retired)
10. Bishop Thad Burnham
11.Bishop Elect Terrell Glenn,
12.Bishop Elect Philip Jones
13.Bishop Elect John Miller.

Convocation of Anglicans in North America
14. Bishop Martyn Minns
15. Bishop Dr. David J. Bena (formerly TEC Bishop)
16. Bishop Elect David Anderson
17.Bishop Elect Roger Ames
18. Bishop Elect
Amos Fagbamiye
19. Bishop Elect
Nathan Kanu

Forward in Faith North America
20. Bishop elect in search for consecrators, Bill Illgenfritz

We also should note the complicity of Bishops Duncan and Iker directly in this mess, well established by their engagement in the ordinations in Kenya and Uganda.


  1. Theses 20 bishops represent approx. 250 parishes. Astonishing! There are 10 dioceses in the ACN representing approx 750 parishes. If all the parishes in all 10 dioceses "leave" TEC with their respective bishops (and that is very unlikely)that makes it 30 bishops for 900 parishes. Just how impressed will be the ABC and the primates be with that?

  2. Perhaps this may be time to consider the exhortation of Gamaliel...

    Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.”

    God's Peace,

  3. Mark -
    Thanks for these lists. It sure helps to keep the players straight!
    Here's what I still don't understand:
    John Guernsey, for example, was relieved of his obligations as a priest by the Bishop of VA. Therefore, he is a lay person - yes?
    How can he now be a bishop???
    If it is true that one needs to be a priest before being a bishop, then it looks to me like Akinola & his pals are playing "dress-up" in church vestments, making a mockery of the entire Anglican Communion. Is there any obligation on the part of TEC, the ABC, the Anglican Communion, or anybody else in their right mind to acknowledge these people as bishops?
    I feel so sad for the parishners who have been taught to hate by their church leaders. It's going to be tough on them when & if they realize how they've been used as pawns in an evil, misdirected power play.

  4. That Fr. Illgenfritz has yet to find a consecrator five years after FiFNA offered his name speaks volumes concerning the place of traditional Anglo-Catholicism in the new alignment

  5. Ordination is permanent, so being relieved of one's responsibilities as a priest doesn't turn a priest into a layperson, although I would have expected it to create some sort of impediment to consecration as bishop.


  6. The real question is these bishops-elect---by whom are they elected? They are appointed like in the Roman Catholic church, not elected and therefore have no accountablity to anyone. I doubt if those Episcopal churches who go to CANA are going to be willing to submit to autocracy in their churches for very long.

  7. The episcopal chucrh in America is falling apart while CANA is on the uprise. I have been in the Episcopal church all my life and I think we really do need a revival. I appraise the efforts of all the Bishop, partcularly Minns for stepping up to do the work regardless of his age, color and background. I do Not question the authorities of any bishop, to the best of my knowlege, they were elected not appointed.


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