Well, who was at CCP Bishops Conference? (updated 9/29

To cut to the chase: On September 7th I posted those who I thought might be at the Common Cause Partnership Bishops Conference. (CCPBC) Today the Episcopal News Service included a list of those present. Bishop Jack Iker talked about 60 being present. I thought there would be 52 bishops. ENS reports 51. I got 39 right. Given that the ACN now lists only 44 bishops present, I did alright.

First, I had assumed that some of the Primates who have ministries in the US (CANA for example) would be coming. It is not reported that they were there at all. I also assumed one had to be the bishop of something to be on the list – that retired bishops (with the exception of John Rogers who is still very active in ministry and those retired bishops who were now signed on with other Provinces – Fairfield and Bena – would be invited. FiFNA saw fit to be represented by several retired bishops.

So the numbers got thrown off a bit.

Here is the point: The Common Cause Partners is said to include the Network Dioceses and their Bishops. There are 10 of them. According to the ACN list, only 5 were there. CCP includes Nigerian, Kenyan, Ugandan, Rwandan and Southern Cone bishops, all under supervision of Primates who claim the work here as rescue missions of their churches. None of those Primates were at the meeting. (The Retired Archbishop of South East Asia was there with AMiA.)

Six (or perhaps 5) of the Network Diocesans were there. None of the Primates.

Well, if you want the particulars here is how I did: "Y" means they are reported by ENS to have been there and are on my list, "x" means no show and on my list, "0" means not on my list at all. Comments in red. The ACN list currently has 44 bishops listed. There is a question mark beside the name John Howe. ENS lists him there, ACN does not.

1.Archbishop Nzimbi x
2.Bishop Bill Atwood y
3.Bishop Bill Murdoch y

Southern Cone:

4.Presiding Bishop Greg Venables x
5.Bishop Bill Cox x
6.Bishop Frank Lyons y
7.Bishop Cavalcanti of Recife (PSC). y


8.Archbishop Henry Orombi x
9.Bishop Andy Fairfield y
10.Bishop John Guernsey y

Anglican Coalition in Canada
(no bishops)

Anglican Communion Network

11 Albany, Bishop William Love y
12 Central Florida Bishop John Howe y ?
13 Dallas, Bishop James Stanton x
14 Fort Worth Bishop Jack Iker y
15 Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan y
16 Pittsburgh, Bishop Harry Scriven y
17 Quincy Bishop Keith L. Ackerman y
18 Rio Grande Bishop Jeffrey N. Steenson x
19 San Joaquin Bishop John-David Schofield x
20 South Carolina Bishop elect Mark Lawrence x
21 Springfield Bishop Peter Beckwith y
Bishops James Adams 0
Fitz Allison (ret) 0
Alex Dickson (ret) 0
Donald Parsons (ret) 0
William Wantland (ret) 0

(Note: of the ACN Dioceses (10) bishops with jurisdiction there were fjve or six present. There were 12 US Bishops all told, four retired.

Anglican Essentials Canada
22 Bishop Donald Harvey, St. John 's NL (acting) ? y

Anglican Mission in America

23 The Most Rev. Emmanuel Mbona Kolini x
24 Bishop Charles Hurt (Chuck) Murphy, III y
25 Bishop Alexander Maury (Sandy) Greene y
26 Bishop Thomas William (TJ) Johnston, Jr. y
27 Bishop John Hewitt Rodgers, Jr.(Retired) y
28 Bishop Thad Burnham x
29 Bishop Elect Terrell Glenn, x
30 Bishop Elect Philip Jones x
31 Bishop Elect John Miller. y ?

Archbishop Yong Ping Chung (retired of South East Asia) 0 ?

Anglican Network in Canada
(no bishops)

Represented by Bishop Donald Harvey, listed above with Anglican Essentials Canada.

Anglican Province of America

32 The Most Reverend Walter Grundorf y
33 Bishop C. Peter Brewer y
34 Bishop Clark H. Dorman x
35 Bishop Robert Loiselle x
36 Bishop Richard Boyce y
37 Bishop John Hamers x
38 Bishop Winfield S. Mott y
39 The Most Rev'd Dr. Lawrence Shaver y

Convocation of Anglicans in North America

40Archbishop Peter J. Akinola x
41Bishop Martyn Minns: y
42 Bishop Dr. David J. Bena y
43 Bishop Ben Kwashi x

The Rev. Amos A Fagbamiye, 0
The Rev Canon Nathan Kanu, 0
The Rev. Canon David Anderson. 0
The Rev. Cn. Roger Ames 0

Forward in Faith North America

44 Bishop elect in search for consecrators, Bill Illgenfritz y

Reformed Episcopal Church
45 Bishop Leonard W. Riches y
46 Bishop David Hicks - Bishop y
47 Bishop Royal U. Grote, Jr y
48 Bishop Daniel R. Morse y
49 Bishop Ray R. Sutton y
50 Bishop George B. Fincke y
51 Bishop Michael Fedechko y
52 Bishop Charles Dorrington y

Please note the Federation of Anglican Churches), a new group, was represented by
Bishop Paul Hewett 0
Bishop William Millsaps 0

So there is the score card as I see it: 39 of the bishops or bishops elect known to be part of the Common Cause Partnership were there. Two new bishops from the Federation of Anglican Churches, five retired bishops and one bishop of a diocese not part of the Network were there (8). There were four other clergy present.

There never were Bishop Iker's sixty bishops. For that matter, at the moment, the ACN seems to have lost its notes and there were not even 51 bishops and bishops elect there. At the moment they list 44. There were indeed other people there. It is reported that someone from San Joaquin represented the Diocese. But this was not a meeting of dioceses and jurisdictions, it was billed as a council of bishops, and as a conclave.


  1. I believe Fr.Bill Gandenberger was present on behalf of San Joaquin as Cannon To The Ordinary. BICBW

  2. The Federation of Anglican Churches INCLUDES AMiA, APA, and REC, which were already represented. The only other members are the Anglican Church in America and the Episcopal Missionary Church - why did they not then represent their respective churches rather than the FAC? Unless their respective churches aren't 100% behind this, otherwise their primates (Falk and Millsaps) would have been there? Right?

  3. C.B., if that's true, then his title is truly apt. Cannon, indeed. ;-)

  4. FACA is non governmental confederation under the Southern Cone, it is not new entity like AMiA or CANA, actually more similar to ACN and Common Cause itself. No hints of going that direction rather in a allegorical sense it's more an elective trade association like ECFA or UL (where there a set of agreed to principles to belong but autonomous entities).

    However without the governance structure, FACA is easier for other Continuing Churches to join. +William Millsaps is the Presiding Bishop of Episcopal Missionary Church which broke from ECUSA in 1992 and +Paul Hewett is a suffragan bishop in the Diocese of the Holy Cross (affiliated with Forward in Faith - United Kingdom)

    I know of other Continuing Churches and post-Continuing Churches interested in Common Cause Partnership and ACN maybe using FACA as the doorway in the initial phases.

  5. I think it's a bit of a stretch to count Ilgenfritz as a bishop. "If FiFNA could create bishops, he'd be a bishop" is kind of like "If grandma had wheels, she'd be a motor scooter".

  6. You seem obsessed with bishops of a wing of the Anglican expression who are really not a threat to you.
    Most of us who have left TEC, left without our property, prayer books or all the other stuff we paid for during out long lives in the old church.
    Why do you care if any AMiA churches exist, they are not a threat to TEC. They don't challenge your property canons and they really don't care a whit about what you do with your SSBs, consecrations, etc.
    Me thinks you protest too much.
    Now I will leave you to your perseverations.

    John of Lansing

  7. Is there ANY role for lay people (or even priests) in the governance of the ecclesiastical confections?


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