Can the Network Count?

No doubt there was a lot going on at the Pittsburgh meeting of the Common Cause Partnership Council of Bishops. Chairs had to be gotten out, pencils and paper put out, microphones tested, papers pushed, hospitality shown, flights booked, arrangements made, etc. Still, you would think that the Anglican Communin Network could tell us which bishops from which groups were there.

Way back at the beginning of September, Bishop Iker opined there would be 60 or so bishops there. On September 7th I did a count and got 52. On September 25th ACN said 51.
On September 28, ACN posted an incomplete list of 44 bishops and bishops elect.

A photograph of the bishops gathered looks like 37 were there for the picture, but some folk may have had to leave.

So, we know it isn't 60, and we think it isn't 52 or 51. 44 is the count the ANC gave. Surely it was more than 37.

How hard is it to count? Was roll called? Did the group have a secretary?

None of this matters, of course, save that when the roll is called up yonder, they will either be there, claiming the best rooms because they are the most orthodox. If things go wrong, and the internal fracturing of the partners on the right is not healed over and it looks as if the whole thing is coming apart, some will want to disavow any ownership of the plan to usurp The Episcopal Church, and at roll call they will want it clear that they were not "one of those people."


  1. Again I ask. Why do you care about these bishops? They do not threaten you, for the most part they have departed leaving behind property they paid for.
    We have moved on to a different Anglican land. For the most part we are about moving on with mission and word and leaving to you the nastisness which you have wrought in your church.
    The fact that TEC has so many bishops is a joke of the first order. Dioceses with 2,800 people are ridiculous and a massive waste of money that could be used for, well, let's say MDGs.
    But instead you have inflated your beauracracy to stack the deck and votes at GC. But as I said many of us have moved on where bishops also are priests in a church with a congregation and where GCs are simply a past nightmare. When we get together it is for worship and celebration and fellowship.
    We don't vote on God's word. We believe we are not smarter than God and those he inspired to write his Book.
    So relax, we're a "small, insignificant minority" not worth of all this head counting.

    John of Lansing.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I think the figure all the way to the right is an acolyte, judging from the vestments and taper. So I get 36 in the picture. Of course, some may have been "tieing their shoes" at this moment, just in case....

  3. John, are there any schismatic clergy who have not been made bishops yet?

    If a diocese of 2,800 is a waste, then that is surely the case of an outfit that has almost as many bishops as congregations.

  4. I frequently wonder, John, why those who left feel the need to come back and worry about what we're worrying about.

  5. Touche Mark,
    I was looking for Willy Wonka in the photo but he must have been disguised.

  6. Looking back over the blogs this year, the strategy of the dissenters keeps changing as they try one approach after another. Remember how TEC was going to be thrown out of the Primate's meeting?

    Each time the current plan is presented with great energy and certainty. We'll see what actually unfolds.

    There is tremendous excitement and energy coupled with righteousness. The actual daily work of forming a new organization is pretty boring over the long run. Much more fun to be a revolutionary.

  7. Mark+ asks, "Can the Network Count?"


    Whew! I like the easy ones! ;)


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