They breed like Rabbits: Three New Bishops for AMiA

This note from the American Anglican Council and its President and CEO, Bishop David Anderson. Bishop Anderson is writing from Dallas, Texas, where he is attending the Winter Conference of the Anglican Mission in the Americas. He writes:

"The final day of the Winter Conference will see three new bishops consecrated for the Anglican Mission in America. Bishops based in Rwanda and their Primate Emmanuel Kolini, AMiA Bishops based in the USA, and Common Cause Bishops will all lay hands upon them. The AAC welcomes the addition of faithful orthodox American bishops to strengthen the work of proclaiming the Gospel, and to see the Good News of Jesus Christ bring men and women to salvation and a transformation of their life."

The ordinations are set for tomorrow, January 26th, a fairly busy day in the calendar of Anglican doings in the USA. Some dissenter bishops, along with a good number of regular sorts will be wanting to attend the ordination in South Carolina of Mark Lawarence. Some will find their way to Dallas for this ordination.
Note Bishop Anderson's playlist:

Archbishop Kolini, of Rwanda
Bishops based in Rwanda
AMiA Bishops based in the USA
Common Cause Bishops

There are now sufficient bishops in AMiA, CANA and other invader tribes to constitute a college of ordaining bishops for almost any of these groups. The addition of Common Cause bishops gives opportunity for adequate cross-fertilization so that future rabbit-bishops can arise all over the patch.

Several questions arise: (i) We don't hear much from Bishop Stanton these days. Will he be there? Was he asked about the meeting being in Dallas? (ii) Will any regular paid up member of the Episcopal Church house of Bishops take part? (iii) Will bishops from non Anglican Communion "anglican" churches take part?

Here is the issue: AMiA is extending its ministry in the US in blatant disregard of continued requests that incursions and episcopal ordinations for the purpose of incursion stop. Just as it claims it is, the Common Cause Partnership (CCP)is now acting in a federated way. What could be a greater sign then mutual participation in ordinations? CCP is now an active agent in a post Canterbury, post Lambeth federation of churches, international in scope and absolutely destructive of whatever it is we thought the Anglican Communion was about.

So while some people will gaze eastward to South Carolina where Fr. Lawrence becomes Bishop Lawrence and some people will gaze west to San Joaquin where the remnants of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin are gathered and bread and wine shared, down in Dallas the dissenters are dismantling the Anglican Communion.


  1. I wonder if Fr.Lawrence's consecration would have been scheduled for the 26th had it been the date of South Carolina's Republican presidential primary, not just the Democratic one.

    Oh, and go easy on the bunny-bashing. A joke's a joke, but comparing rabbits to schismatic bishops ......

  2. "They breed like Rabbits..."

    You know maybe the Eastern Church as something with that monastic orders only rule for bishops. :-)

    I am afraid the truth is that there is nothing left to dismantle. Only something to re-constitute and rebuild.


  3. Nah, these dates were picked long before the spot light was on the presidential primaries.

    I do find it odd that I've learned everything from Harris+ about +Anderson's letter or AMiA winter conference. I guess the other eyes are on SC & AMiA is not into self promotion.

  4. Lawrence's consecration date was picked "long before" the dates of the SC Republican and Democratic primaries were selected, "anonymous"? Pull the other one, it's got bells on!


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