Anglican Communion Website confirms episcopal vacancies.

The Anglican Communion website now confirms The Episcopal Church's understanding that there is currently no bishop in either the Diocese of Quincy or the Diocese of Fort Worth.  In addition, the entries are for "The Episcopal Church," rather than "The Episcopal Church, USA."  Additionally, the Diocese of Fort Worth website now lists the site belonging to that of the "Steering Committee North Texas Episcopalians representing The Diocese of Fort Worth."

As dioceses of the Province of the Southern Cone, the AC Website does not list any of the four breakaway groups from TEC, namely San Joaquin, Pittsburgh, Quincy or Fort Worth. 

It would seem the Anglican Communion website is keeping a bit better pace with events on the ground. Thanks to whoever is on the case.


  1. Fear not, the usual suspects among us are soon to arrive to denounce this with the Good News of the true Gospel of purity and exclusion of the Global South and their overwhelming majority populations, plus their ongoing ad nauseum prophesies of doom and destruction for TEC and the ACoC.

    Otherwise, good on the AC website maintenance crew for getting this all up-to-date. Maintaining such a complicated website is no small feat. Those of us without the facility of webmasters, and so unappreciative of how much can go wrong with a tiny amount of miscoding, best show a bit of patience and respect.

  2. It's about time; it certainly took them long enough.

    By the way, I quoted you over on my place, but I can't figure out how to do a track back; sorry about that.

  3. Yes, it´s good to know the difference between what REALLY IS and WHAT IS NOT...some of our former TEC Church Bishops seem to have lost contact with reality, even their selective memory, and factchecking and number recognition isn´t so hot.

  4. Well, they "kinda" got it.

    For example, the cathedral in Ft. Worth is still shown as St. Vincents, with Ryan Reed+ as Dean. Also, the link shown to the diocese of Pittsburgh is to the "Anglican" version, although the link when activated, takes you to the continuing diocese (in TEC).


  5. Hi Mark--Do we know what's up with Pittsburgh? I tried googling "The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh" and The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh (Anglican) and neither one will come up. So, hopefully it too is being redirected to the real Episcopal presence.

  6. Bonnie,

    Google returns search results for both when I try (plus what I think is a paid result for the non-TEC Diocese). I assume that what you mean by "neither one will come up" is that the site does not come up when you click on the search result. The TEC Diocese site (http://www.episcopalpgh.org/) is coming up for me, but the non-TEC site (http://www.pitanglican.org/) returns a server error message. I don't think that is anything other than a temporary problem with the server.

    Those two URLs are owned by the respective Dioceses. The URLs that are now being redirected to the TEC Diocese (pittsburgh.anglican.org and its older version pgh.anglican.org) are subdomain names administered by the Society of Archbishop Justus. You can read about the Society here: http://justus.anglican.org/soaj.html which says it "was formed in 1996 and incorporated in 1997 as a nonprofit corporation in the State of New York for the purpose of using the Internet to foster and further unity among Christians, especially Anglicans."

    The Society is not an official organization of the Anglican Communion nor of any of the Anglican Communion Provinces. The fact that the Society is in the U.S. probably explains why it was prompt in changing the redirect to point to the "real" (i.e. TEC) Diocese.

    Bill Ghrist

  7. um - St Vincent's is in Bedford, TX, anyway, not Ft Worth.

    Perhaps the continuing diocese won't seat itself in a white-flight (sundown? - you say Bedford, I say Forrest?) suburb, but actually become a diocese *of* Ft Worth.

  8. In this regard the Anglican Communion website has been absolutely consistent and I have pointed this out to Stand Firm readers. The precedents here seem to be the original case of Cape Town, the Diocese of Recife and the Diocese of Harare. The legitimate bishops of these dioceses seem to be those recognized by their legitimate provinces. In that case, the legitimate province of the Anglican Communion is The Episcopal Church. What is particularly tragic here, in the words of Dan Martins is the case of San Joaquin on the eve of its convention:

    "One such act, of course, would be for the diocese to accede to some larger direct authority other than the General Convention–like, for instance the Province of the Southern Cone. By all accounts, this is what the Bishop and his inner circle hope will happen. To my knowledge, however, there is no resolution to that effect that has been drafted, vetted, and submitted through channels. Anything that comes before the convention that would formalize an alignment with the Southern Cone will be something that most delegates will not have laid eyes on before their attention is directed to the PowerPoint projection on the white walls of the Eden Community Room of St James’ Cathedral." A committee charged with looking with models by which the diocese could maintain its connection with Canterbury, of prime importance, never met. EmilyH

  9. Oriscus,
    Iker tried to locate himiself in the richest parish in Fort Worth, but they very quickly tired of him and "de-catheralized" themselves.
    Then he tried an old conservative parish downtown and they sent him away as well.



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