5:22 EDT, ACNA Constituted.

Well, there it is. The Constitution of the Anglican Church in North America has been accepted by representatives of the 28 groups that make up the ACNA. There were few changes, but one suggestion of some interest was voted down.

The suggestion was to take out item 4 of the Constitution, namely,

"We are grieved by the current state of brokenness within the Anglican Communion prompted by those who have embraced erroneous teaching and who have rejected a repeated call to repentance."

It appears the vote was not to do so.

Bye Bye.


  1. Baby Blue reports that Santosh Marray, retired bishop of the Seychelles, is attending the ACNA meeting as Rowan Williams' "official pastoral visitor to the Anglican Church of North America Provincial Assembly". Any information on whether Marray's status is fact or wishful thinking?

    Section 15 of the communiqué of the Alexandria Primates meeting states "The Archbishop of Canterbury reported to us on the development of a scheme for a Pastoral Council, consistent with the proposal of the Windsor Continuation Group, and the Pastoral Visitors, whom he is appointing as a starting point for this idea, in line with the opinions expressed at the Lambeth Conference. The intention is that the Pastoral Visitors will be commissioned by him to conduct personal and face to face conversations in order to assist in the clearest discernment of the ways forward in any given situation of tension. We affirm the Archbishop of Canterbury in this initiative."

  2. Mary Clara23/6/09 2:16 AM

    Thanks for this bulletin, Mark. The ACNA webpage gives 4:23 pm CDT, just one minute later than your report, which is exact enough for purposes of a founding horoscope. This gives ACNA a rising degree of 8 Scorpio, with 13 Leo on the Midheaven, and the Sun and Moon very early in Cancer (just a couple of hours after the New Moon) in the eighth house opposed by Pluto in Capricorn in the second house. There is a nice partile Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus (17 degrees) in the seventh house of relationships, exactly trine Saturn in Virgo in the eleventh house, and another tight conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in the 27th degree of Aquarius (fourth house), though this is not well aspected. Mercury is in the eighth house in Gemini, applying to the square of Saturn, while Uranus is in Pisces in the fifth.

    There are no planets in fire signs, but that should be compensated for by the fact that the inception of the Church took place just a day following the Summer Solstice and at the New Moon in a cardinal sign.

    Interestingly, the Sabian symbols for several of the degrees emphasized in the chart are images of serenity and refinement: themes of recollection in tranquility, a more elevated perspective, quiet openness to higher inspiration, and delicacy of feeling. I pray they will experience that calm and elevation after their long and violent journey.

    Well, I won’t say more, as it really should fall to ACNA’s own house astrologer to post the first comprehensive reflections on the Church’s founding chart. I’ll be watching their website in hopes of seeing that soon.

  3. So the moon is not in the 7th house and Jupiter is not aligned with Mars?

    That's all I know of Astrology... and all I need to know, I think.

  4. Baby Blue made an interesting observation yesterday that it was representatives of the secessionist dioceses of Pittsburgh and Ft Worth who moved that this clause be stricken. She reports that their motion was overwhelmingly defeated.

    Currently BB's blog seems to be the best source of ongoing reporting of the ACNA meeting.


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