Bishop Marray represents Anglican Communion Office? ACNA lists guests

The Anglican Church in North America website has posted the list of Ecumenical and Anglican Visitors Attending Assembly.

Perhaps the most interesting item on the list is that Bishop Marray is listed not as Pastoral Visitor but as representing the Anglican Communion Office.

About the "Anglican official delegations." Notice that West Africa, Kenya and Southern Cone have Primates in attendance. The Global South Primates did not make a great showing.

Anglican official delegations

- West Africa: Archbishop Justice Akrofi
- Nigeria: Bishop Alfred Nwaizuzu
- Uganda: Bishop Evans Kisekka (Representing Archbishop Henry Orombi)
- Kenya: Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi
- Southern Cone: Archbishop Gregory Venables; Bishop Tito Zavala (Chile); Bishop Frank Lyons (Bolivia)
- Jerusalem & the Middle East: Rev. Sherif Lemey Gendy (Representing Archbishop Mouneer Anis)
- Myanmar: Bishop Saw Noel Nay Lin, Bishop of Mandalay (Representing Archbishop Stephen Oo)
- South East Asia: Bishop Tak Meng Wong (Representing Archbishop John Chew)
- Rwanda: Bishop Chuck Murphy (Representing Archbishop Emanuel Kolini)

Anglican Visitors

- Bishop John Ellison, Church of Paraguay/Church of England
- Ven. Norman Russell, Church of England
- Rev. Canon Dr. Chris Sugden, Church of England
- Bishop Santosh Marray, Bishop of Seychelles (Indian Ocean), (Representing the Anglican Communion Office)
- Bishop Alpha Muhammad, Tanzania

Ecumenical Guests

- Metropolitan Jonah, Orthodox Church in America
- Bishop Walter Grundorf, Anglican Province of America
- Rev. Dr. Samuel Nafzger, Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
- Pastor Rick Warren, Saddleback Church
- Bishop Kevin Vann, Roman Catholic Bishop of Fort Worth


  1. I suppose that next we'll learn that ACO is a typo for ACI.

  2. In truth, I´m happy not to be in the same State or Country as this crowd smoozes together at Ft. Worth, Texas...reading the names actually makes me ill after all they have destroyed, defamed and slandered at the body of Christ...that would include Baptist Rick Warren, the supreme suck-em-up and God help the Roman Catholic Bishop of Ft. Worth for supporting such senseless anti-human, base spite against LGBT Christians...I need not hear one more peep about how holy they are and how filthy I am. These men are grandstanding and hateful and they know not what they do...who can their followers trust (I notice amongst the chief religious opportunists, +Akinola and +Orombi, won´t put themselves on the checkered line).

  3. Sir, the ABC cannot ignore Anglicans in North America who did not "tear the fabric of the Communion" and have the support of about 70% of the AC.....

  4. I note that two friends - I hope they still are! - are listed - Bishop Alpha Muhammad and Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi. One of the sad things about all "divorces" is that they strain friendships.

  5. Mark - how many of the global south primates were you expecting to attend to make it a "great showing"? It seems to me as if there was a pretty reasonable representation not only from the global south but from a few who were also pretty moderate as well (Akrofi, a representative from Mouneer Anis, Stephen Oo and Marray). Once the moderate primates start to get behind ACNA as it grows and as ECUSA diminishes, that would really be a cause for concern would it not, even if the process takes a decade or two? I can see why you are trying to downplay this initiative and denigrate it as much as possible right from the get go.

  6. TEC will have the Archbishop of Canterbury present at its convention.

    By contrast, ACNA has one of a group of Pastoral Visitors present to represent the ABC. That is, not Bishop Gregory Cameron, not the Archbishop of York, not the Chair of ACC, etc.

    Yet there is a complaint that this PV should not be there because he is not acting according to job description?

  7. Ah, it's another lovely day on Stand Firm II.

  8. Once the moderate primates start to get behind ACNA as it grows and as ECUSA diminishes...

    BrianF - moderates, by their nature, tend to avoid a permanent alignment with both extremes. Frankly, they consider people like me revolutionaries, and people with your views as reactionaries. They are "moderates" because they pick and choose their issues, and generally like to keep the peace. They are valuable people.

    I actually belong to a "moderate" church. You would consider it quite liberal, but there are plenty that are more revolutionary and reactionary Anglican churches within a couple of miles (including a CANA mission plant).

    I have made a conscious decision to worship with people who don't agree with all my views. If you can honestly say the same, then perhaps you do know something of what the moderate churches will do. Be realistic; if forced to make a choice, they won't all go the same way.

  9. It has been announced that the Orthodox Church of America is breaking off ecumenical relations with the TEC and recognizing ACNA in its place:


    The representation of Communion Partner provinces (inside strategy types) like Tanzania, Middle East, Myanmar and South East Asia is very important and welcome: it bodes well for insiders and outsiders working together to promote Biblically faithful Anglicanism.

  10. It has been announced that the Orthodox Church of America is breaking off ecumenical relations with the TEC and recognizing ACNA in its place....

    Metropolitan Jonah of the OCA has made it clear that the goal of such ecumenical engagement is to convert the non-Orthodox party to Orthodoxy. Perhaps the OCA will have better luck in this regard with ACNA.

  11. Well, you are happy to ordain gays, women-sometimes gay women. Did you seriously think that once the Berlin Wall came down and the Orthodox were free to speak to you without government interference that mainline protestants and orthodox weren't a trainwreck waiting to happen?


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