Fr. Jake takes looks beneath the sheets. Strange bedfellows indeed!

Fr. Jake is on the case regarding the connections between conservatives in the US and various church leaders in Africa and Asia, and in particular regarding the connections between the realignment gang with amazing links to conservative religious organizations in the US and the Anglican Prelates from several nations in Africa, all part of the "Global South" cabal. Go, read it. Good stuff.

It is all about exporting homophobia, at least as far as Fr. Jake reads it. The operant part of that word homophobia is in this context phobia. The export of fear mongering is a tidy way of getting others to carry the message that Christianity and Family as we know it is about to crumble and that it is "those people" who are the cause of it all. If we just get rid of "them" then everything will be alright.

It works very well indeed. And Jake also reminds us of something I have spoken to as well, that its homophobia this week it is fear of Muslims next.

It is time to step up to the plate. If you fear homosexuals, then fear me. It's time to wear the pink triangle on an armband or patch. If you fear Muslims then fear me. It is time wear a crescent symbol on an armband or patch. It is also time for serious comedy, for laughing these people into submission may be the only way out. Otherwise the fear mongering crowd wins.

Go read Jake, then come back.


  1. You forgot about immigrants, especially illegal ones. They are taking our jobs, clogging our health care "system" and costing us hard earned money. The folks who are causing havoc in order to control us aren't limiting their fear and hatred to religious issues.

  2. It has been my opinion for some time that it was the friendships between conservative Episcopalians and African dioceses that led to African bishops' decision that the consecration of Bp. Robinson was communion-breaking. I believe that had their friends in the US not made it clear that this was a very important issue, some African bishops would not have acted as they did. I am not suggesting that the bishops weren't convinced that it was wrong to consecrate Bp Robinson, only that their friendships were decisive. Miranda Hassett's "Anglican Communion in Crisis" examines the development of those relationships and is well worth reading.

  3. If you want to follow the money, I wouldn't be surprised if Pittsburgh's notorious funder of conservative causes (Richard Mellon Scaife) was not involved in some way of supporting Duncan and ACNA.

    Fr. Maxwell Smart+

  4. Dedicated to +Orombi,

    In the end, the fear/hate-mongers and the good Ol´green/greed spreaders will end hunkering down in the bunkers while truth marches over them...of course a few, in tattered leadership roles/robes will scamper away and find a more Biblically selective place to crawl up, sigh and cryout with their chronic self-pity and lamepain...but this time there is no place to hide from the ugliness lurking inside...Bishop Orombi, you´re up next.

  5. Father Mark, Considering that fact that a study of Political Research Associates (PRA) reveals a group that makes Acorn look like a cabal of John Birchers, I'm troubled to find their research to be both dubious and self serving. PRA's director, Katherine Hancock-Ragsdale+ has been a the "tip of the spear" of much of the far left's agenda over the past several decades.

    In the spirit of intellectual honesty, I'd like to consider research by a group without a proverbial "dog in the Flight.

    Peace upon your estates,

    Dcn Andy

  6. John David Spangler23/11/09 11:30 AM

    In the final analysis, the issue is "power". When they have achieved that, they can do anything they want — kick out homosexuals, relegate women to wearing hats, etc. The issues they raise — women, Bishop Robinson, etc. — are all just to tactics for gaining power.

    John David Spangler

  7. Mark,

    Since you're in the Diocese... can you comment on why a priest accused of misconduct with a parishioner is getting a job with the social services unit with the state? What the heck is going on there??? Was in the News-Journal this weekend.

  8. Yawner... no I can't. I know Bob well and am distressed that he has been accused of misconduct and hoping that it is indeed without basis. On the other hand that is precisely what the canons are for in such instances - determining if misconduct took place.

    As to the job with Social Services, I have no idea.


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