Out near the edges it gets strange....

The quirky far edge of splinter-land gets stranger and stranger. Googling today for ACNA, the Anglican Church in North America, I found this site: The Conservative Anglican Church in North America. It seems to be a ministry in collaboration with something called Set Free Ministries, International, which is primarily located in to places in India and one in Texas. CACNA and Set Free Ministries International have formed St. James University in Florida.

CACNA is apparently bishop led, but by whom we do not know. Some unidentified bishop looking person is positioned off to the right on the web page.

It is all very strange. I am sure it gives ACNA and its Archbishop no great pleasure to know that springing forth from the fountain of creativity in splinter-land ACNA now has a conservative alternative. (I thought they already were the conservative alternative...)

Over in other parts of splinter-land other bits and pieces of "special" stuff arises as well. One of the most precious is this item, available on Cafe Press, an "Archbishop Robert Duncan Ornament (Oval)The Anglican Church in North America on October 09, 2009 at 11:33 AM. It doesn't show up on the "store" sub menu of the ACNA pages, but there it is. Put on Cafe Press by ACNA. Special, isn't it? ACNA is indeed bishop led, and ACNA seems to have no trouble in naming him and giving him visibility.

What is there to say? Not much.


  1. You just didn't go far enough, Mark. The ARCHbishop's name is Val E. Rose--he has his own webpage and blog. I must say he sounds more like a Southern Baptist than an Anglican....

    There is also another archbishop,Dr. Dale Climie, who is touted as "Dean of the School of Theology at Saint James University, co-founder of Set Free Ministries, International, and member of the College of Bishops for the Conservative Anglican Church of North America."

    Wonder if they have more bishops than parishioners?

  2. You missed the really good merchandise, here:

    Gotta run right out and get one.

  3. Very strange indeed. I wonder where the Archbishop of this group did his training? There are two awful pieces of writing posted on the site. Both are other 5 years old.
    "A car will not go very far without a stop from time to time at a Gasoline Station. The Christian must also stop at a station and get filled up or he or she will not go very far. The Church is just such a station. Some people prefer one brand and others want another. The fuel will work in your car no matter what station it came from. So it is with Churches. There are many good churches whose teaching is the way it should be. However just as in our example there are some teaching that lack quality and in some cases the church is evil like the station that sells bad gas."

    Whaaaat? What an terrible analogy. The is the man overseeing the proclamation of the gospel? Hqve mercy on us all.

  4. Visiting the CACNA website, I found picyures of a number of bishops and news of relationships with the Mar Thoma church and the Church of South India, as well as a straightforward statement that CACNA is not in communion with Canterbury. Stranger and stranger.

  5. CACNA's news in 2006 is also quite intruiging: 'A new set of Cannons was adopted that will I am sure make things better for all the members and clergy of the church.'
    Clearly they have much bigger guns among their clergy than the rest of us...

  6. Bishop Rose's website is internally inconsistent. To be a priest, you must be male and, if married, your spouse must be female. Meanwhile, the first sentence on the "Meet My Best Friend" page quotes John 3:16. What does Bp. Rose believe Jesus meant when he said "whoever"? Did some translator overlook a footnote such as, "some restrictions may apply"?

  7. I am totally non-plussed by the web site. The writer suffers from capitalitis.

  8. I am mesmerized by the jewel-encrusted mitre. I believe that I may have to have the oval.

  9. Bishop Val. E. Rose in Texas, that I will never do see,
    No lay-ity does know him, some clergy one or three...

  10. Thanks, Father, for the laugh. The ornament is the funniest thing I have seen in a while.

    This tasteless ornament is over-the-top (even for someone as "full of himself" as the Archbishop). What kind of ego allows such things?

  11. Am I the only one who thinks at least one of those guys has been badly photoshopped into the picture?


  12. I do believe, even in this fragile economy, I must save up for the Duncan Ornament (Oval) for Christmas 2010. It' now a line item in my household budget.

  13. Calvinism is predisposed to fragmentation and splintered factions in the endless quest for 'purity'.

    Mercifully, most of Anglicanism embraced Arminianism in the 17th century.

  14. The root of all this is that ACNA/CACNA/Set Free etc are Calvinist which means that they are prone to fragmentation and schism over minutiae.

    Anglicanism broadly speaking abandoned Calvinism in the 17th century for Arminianism which is less precise and more unitive, dare I say 'catholic'?


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