Alberto Morales elected by ACNA diocese of Quincy...what's going on here?

The people who left The Episcopal Church in that part of Illinois that constitutes the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy have formed their own diocese (claiming it is the real and only one) now part of the Anglican Church in North America. They up and elected someone who claims to be a bishop to be their bishop.

Alberto Morales has a odd history. According to David Virtue, Bishop-elect Morales is the Abbot and spiritual leader of St. Benedict's Abbey, an ecumenical abbey in Bartonville, Illinois. Abbot Morales founded St. Benedict's Abbey in 1985 in Puerto Rico and moved the community to Illinois in 1996 after (reportedly) suffering religious persecution in Puerto Rico.

But that was some time ago. In the recent past, (2009) he was inhibited by Bishop Buchanan from the exercise of his ministry in TEC Diocese of Quincy. At that time he was billed as The Rt. Rev. Alberto Morales. I have no idea where he holds episcopal orders but somehow Quincy (the TEC Quincy) allowed him to be addressed as The Rt. Rev. Well, it appears he is ordained in the Brazilian National Church (ICAB) and holds his title as abbot "with diocesan standing." This is what is said from the website of "St. Patrick's Catholic Church" concerning Morales.

"The apostolic heritage of the Most Reverend J. Alberto Morales, Abbot of St. Benedict Abbey Nullius (Abbey with Diocesan standing), Bartonville, Illinois. Bishop Morales is the representative of the Brazilian national Church (ICAB) within this country."

He moved his community to Illinois after "suffering religious persecution" in Puerto Rico. Just what was that persecution? Who knows. I am sure someone will tell us. Meanwhile I am betting that it has to do with Morales being less than honest with the diocese on some level.

In 1999 Abbot Morales hosted a conference at his Abby near Bartonville, a conference which produced the Bartonville Agreement signed by the usual suspects in 1999. The upshot was to attempt to unite like minded Anglo-catholic and "national" catholics in one larger tribe.

It didn't work.

Well, now he is ACNA's headache. But friends, there's a story in here somewhere, yes?


  1. For what it's worth, abbots are usually called the Right Reverend. Don't know whether that clarifies anything, but that's the custom at least in Benedictine houses.

  2. Rt Rev'd does not necessarily mean episcopal status, but rather abbatical status.

  3. The ACNA published a lengthy biography of the Right Reverend prior to his election: "The Rt. Rev. J. Alberto Morales, OSB, who is currently the Abbot at St. Benedict's Abbey, an ecumenical Community for Christian Unity in Bartonville, Illinois, which he founded in 1985 in Puerto Rico. As the Abbot, he is the spiritual father and leader of the monastic community. In 1996, he moved the community from Puerto Rico to the Peoria area, after suffering religious persecution. Upon the community's arrival, the Abbot opened not only a monastery, but also a church for the people of the community. Additionally, he started the local ministerial association along with other pastors of the Bartonville area and has established St. Benedict's Charities. He has been involved in helping the Church worldwide through his work in missions, spiritual direction, conducting conferences, and clergy retreats."
    The "persecution" ocurred because he is Anglican and not Catholic in a largely Catholic country of course.

  4. I want to make everyone aware of who Alberto Morales is. He came to the Episcopal Diocese of Puerto Rico claiming 'persecution' from the then Roman Catholic Cardinal Mons. Aponte-Martinez. I was new in the episcopate and believed his story and also saw the benefit of having a religios order in the diocese since the Order Of The Transfiguration had been year ago in P.R. He was given a property to develop, employment in one of our schools and full participation in the life of the diocese. I ordanined him a deacon and priest.Also, I assigned him to my former parish of St. Hilda's. Everything seemed well until he showed up at an ordination wearing a mitre. When I told him that he could not, his answer was that it was the custom for abbots. I told him that was with the great medieval orders and also that his order was in formation and did not have the 6 life professed members nor the canonical recognition in the Diocese of Puerto Rico. After that, he started a movement to try to divide the clergy against me. That led to the presentment of his canonical case of disobedience and violation of his ordination vows. He challenged the Standing Commitee which recommeded deposition. This was done and we have his full file to verify these acts. After that, he moved out of our property and established his own congregation with some former members of St. Hilda's and other congregatiosn. After he saw he did not have the following he hoped for, he left the island for Quincy. I advised Bishop Ackerman who did not pay attention to my information about Alberto. This a dangerous, ego-centric person who is just looking towards the fulfillment of his ambitions and manipulation of others for his benefit. His sexual orientation and acts is another area of concern.I hope the new people he is with now see the reality before it is too late, as in my case.

  5. ACNA is going to be in for a ride. It is a shame, the folks in Quincy are decent if misled people.


  6. It's rather funny that St. Patrick's "pastor" Roger Durand doesn't have any valid ordination papers and shouldn't even be saying mass that he links up with J. Alberto Morales. What a crew... Roger Durand and J. Alberto Morales together... a match made in HELL.

  7. Bishop Alvarez is correct in his blog. I know, as I was part of that so-called St. Benedict's Abbey for a few years. Believe me there is much more than the eye can tell. Morales never did anything worldwide to heal the church that is absolutely not true. I don't know where that information is coming from, but I can tell you it's a lie. Another wold in sheep's clothing. God save those poor people who where deceived.

  8. Funny Alvarez would bring up sexual orientation given the Episcopal views today. Anything goes now. Anything to get more members.
    The original post is of little value and is merely whining. The Bishop was elected fairly among two other candidates.
    Why does the Episcopal church even care about it? There is much to say negative about what is happening in the Episcopal chuch, especially about the presiding Bishop, and the ruthless drive to confiscate the assets of the churchs that split off. This is and example of what Jesus was talking about wrt a rich man getting into heaven. Greed is very powerful and drives much sin. I have nothing to do with the Episcopal church and am a member of ACNA.

  9. Bishop Alberto Morales is our new bishop after our parish left the dying Episcopal Church, diocese of Fond du Lac, WI.

    My priest says that Bishop Morales is wonderful and a very Godly man . I will meet him in July. I'm looking forward to it.

    Rodd Umlauf
    Lake Tomahawk, WI

  10. Bishop Morales is a holly person,

  11. You apparently have too much time on your hands and are typical of those who assist in leading good Christians astray. The Diocese of Quincy has been subject to persecution, as have all the Christian Dioceses formerly in The Episcopal Church (TEC), because they refuse to accept heresy and apostasy of TEC. The attack on our Bishop who is a holy and humble man is typical. We simply thank God that we are worthy of persecution from those who no longer believe the tenets of the faith once received from the saints. (By the way, why do you say "anonymous" will be cut. There are several signed "anonymous," by people I suppose don't want to be identified. I stand with those who continue to believe in one Triune God, born of a Virgin, crucified and risen from the dead in reparation for our sins and sits on the right hand of God. I also believe the Word of God and it's warning not to add or detract from what is written. I also believe Luke 17 where Jesus states "Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences (sic) will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones." Luke 17:1,2 LaRue Withers

  12. Gidget
    I am a former member of St. Patrick Church under Father Roger Durand. I too have been looking into his credibility. Where was he ordained? He claims to have been a Catholic Priest , moving away from it because of some of the rules.He tends to pit groups of people against each other when his Parish is flourishing. Sometimes it backfires and the wrong ones leave. I was actually asked to leave the Parish after contributing many hours, never refusing any task asked of me and also serving on many committees. He elects a council each year, submits a finacial report that no one could understand and if one asks , you are suddenly off the list and not allowed to do any charitable work for the Church. It has gotten so bad that he blatently refused raffle basket donations and other items for Church parties. Who does that? I keep reseaerching and can't find where he was ordained. Maybe it was mail order. I am so heartbroken , I love the people in the Parish and now I have been banned because he said I was unhappy. Yes I was unhappy. He decided he didn't need me and a few others , making it more difficult to want to even receive communiion from this man. When he said he thought I should leave because I had not been happy for some time there , I said "Yes, because you are making me unhappy." "You literally blocked me and a few others from any Parish functions, except for purchasing a ticket. You didn't refuse that money. " A true man of the cloth would want all of his flock to be happy. A true man of the cloth would have asked me how he could help me make things better. Instead , he watched me walk out and never even said goodby. My heart is broken and I will miss my Parish family so much. My warning for anyone thinking of going to this Parish or continuing to go is "beware of the devil in disguise". Truely saddened , Gidget.

  13. I was an Oblate in the Monistaary of St. Benedict. Believe me, this community is as phoney as they come. There are 2 priest who are ordained roman Catholic Priests and one is Morales. Many men have come and gone from there. Why? Morales is no longer the abbot but is Bishop of Quincy. There is much talk about thier sexual orientation. He is the rep. for the Brazilian Catholic church and Bishop for a break away Cathlic church in Rhode Island. The good people have been lied to and do not what goes on there.

  14. The parish of St. Patrick is a thriving parish. Gidget in her comments says she was asked to leave. She was asked to leave because she was a troublesome parishioner who was constantly trying to split the parish. It is too bad, when someone doesn't get their way all they do it try to tear something down for others. This is also what is happening with The Abbey. Gail, please move forward and find peace within yourself.
    A parishoner

  15. I am a former member of the so called Abbey of St. Benedict who challanged what I saw as a Catholic scholar to be a laps into the practice of Santeresta, a violation of the First Commandment being the ancient, pagan, Yorba religion "veiled" under the veneration of legitimate Catholic Saints, and the scourge of the Roman Church in Hispanic lands. It is herricy of the first order to Catholics, Protistants, Anglicans, Lutherans, Jews, and Musalems. I was dismissed as anti-Hispanic and ironically anti Catholic. Morales has stepped down as abbot in favor of Fr. Luis, who is (lovingly said)a happless pupet. Morales retains absolute control of what is shaping up to be the palace guard of his own denomination. Morales has built a shaddow Quincy of churches in Mexico and of Mexican expatriots, including a mega church in Chicago, and a daughter abbey in Columbia, loyal to him alone and with no concern for the ACNA. To do this he has brought into the abbey and protected a Santeresta adept and evangalist, Br. Robert, an "oblate to the bishop", not to the abbey, to give his followers what they want, reguardless of Biblical teachings. Br. Robert might just as well be abbot for the power he holds under Morales. I expect that at some point Morales will split Quincy and make himself "pope" of his new denomination in keeping with the ego noted above by others who have "oppressed" him. He is what the Rule of Benedict dismisses as a "Gyrobite, the worst sort of "monk" who follows no rule, but makes holy whatever pleases himself, and forbids whatever displeases him. Cult leaders cannot be stopped, but they can be exposed.
    A Patient Investigator.

  16. Patient Investigator (formerly Father John), I fear you are telling quite a tall tale, as you have done since your bizarre seminary days.

    Please stop attacking this godly Bishop who so selflessly gives of himself.

    And please turn on your spell-checker (another thing you should have done in seminary, if I recall (Grading your papers was a nightmare).

    Your Former Bartender

  17. Is Dom Alberto still with ICAB?

    1. He is alot of things to a lot of people, everything your little heart desires. He's a fraud!


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