Ruminations on the way to a major storm.

Well, in the little town on the edge of the bay and the big water the writer of Preludium was supposedly forced to go to the toy store on Second Street where he found snakes, 25 cents per. So of course he bought ten and brought them home. As in a dream it came to him to put together a tableau, a prophetic muttering, appropriate perhaps for difficult times.  

It is unclear if the onslaught of Hurricane Irene is or is not about difficult times.  It is not about sin.  If it presents difficulties is is because the forces of wind and water are great, and we are small by comparison. 

So, I wonder just what the vision in this tableau is about?  Perhaps it is a representation of the hope that beings and forces might be convinced to act differently than expected, if only the new Child gave them new reasons to throw off old ways. 

If the Lion and the Lamb can lie down together (without one being a meal for the other), if snakes can be convinced not to strike the foot that falls too near, perhaps the storm can become a source of blessing and not a curse.

Then again, perhaps the tableau is only a plaything for Mad Priest and his readers. That's OK too. 

The good boat Amity has storm lines lashed to cleat and dock and there is talk of a retreat from the beach Saturday. More later. For now, goodnight Irene. I'll see you in my dreams.


  1. Deacon Charlie Perrin26/8/11 11:05 AM

    Fr. Mark

    May God be with all of you down there. Up here on Long Island we are battening down as well. A number of parishes on both the south and north shores have either cancelled services for Sunday or are considering it.

    A major hurricane and an earthquake all in one week. It's enough to make one ponder one's insignificance to the forces of nature and the wonder that God cares for us, as the psalmist wondered as well.

  2. Be safe, Mark. The Route One Corridor in RB is being evacuated as are we on Long Neck by 5 PM tonight. I suspect you'll have to seek higher ground.

    I'm on my way north, west, and inland to be with Ms. Conroy. See you next Wednesday in Lewes at "The Boys and Girls Club".

    WV: "Mendi". Yuppa.

  3. Praying hard for you that you will be safe and that all will be well however it turns out.

  4. When in doubt, do what Horace Greeley (maybe or maybe not) said, "Go west, young man."


  5. I have two brothers living down your way, Mark, both with dogs, one with partner. I hope they will be all right. I hope I remember to phone tomorrow! What does it say that I phoned my parishioners and not my family...

    My brothers and I remember the March storm of 62 or 63 which was a hurricane except it wasn't in hurricane season and so it wasn't a hurricane. ( ! ) Waves were breaking in Rehoboth more than halfway down the Avenue. The swimming pool of the Atlantic Motel was washed out to sea. Please do not let this be that bad.

  6. I was a first grader in Dover during the March 1962 storm. It wasn't a hurricane--it didn't rotate--but it was still caused a lot of destruction in Delaware, especially along the shore. Much more than Esther did the year before, and hopefully more than Irene will do this time. I didn't realized it at the time, but it started on Ash Wednesday. What a way to begin Lent!

  7. I'm concerned about you as I heard that Irene hit Lewes - I do hope you are in one piece. Though I can imagine you have other things on your mind, I look forward (with your other online friends) to hearing news of you.


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