I can see clerly now...at least in one eye.

The few readers that have noticed a certain silence here on Preludium this past week may have been puzzled, thankful, or otherwise relieved not to have too many mutterings splattered into the somewhat obscure world of Anglican and Episcopal land.  No doubt there has been plenty to work with elsewhere - from the re-emergence of issues of polity and structure to the prophetic doomsayers for the CofE, TEC, and other points West, to the fracturing of the so called orthodox Anglicans, to the unbecoming situation in Zimbabwe, and on and on. Preludium has not, I would hazard, been missed.

Never fear dear friends who are left. The absence has been due to my taking a bit of time to have my eye poked out and lens replaced -cataract surgery. This is of course different from shooting your eye out, a common dread of those who don't want kids to own BB Guns. This was always the threat related to running with pencils.  I didn't get a BB gun or even a box of pencils, but the poked it out anyway.

It all went well. I can see, more or less, without glasses for the first time in sixty five years (started when I was six).  I still have problems with getting the brain to use one side or the other for distance and close up vision, and it tires easily. (That's a better excuse than merely getting old.)

Anyway, while stepping back from day to day entries in Preludium I've been saving up and am about to start a series "On Polity."  It will either bore you to death, or be the start of a new sort of discussion. Stay tuned. 

Meanwhile,  I can see clearly now. Just like this:

My son, when told "I can see clearly now" texted back: "Thanks a lot. Now, how do I get that awful song out of my head?"


  1. Welcome back, Mark. I remember when my late Dad had cataract replacement. He called the one eye his "eagle eye".

    And, as a faithful denizen of Preludium, I will dutifully try to read any posts on polity, even though just the word itself makes my eyes glaze over. (Sorry, really bad pun!)

  2. Glad you're back! Thought you might have gone off in a huff!

  3. BRAVO! OUR ANGLICAN HERO (not a whimper was heard throughout Anglicanolandia)!

    I had five operations over the past two years (granted the first one screwed my eye up thanks to full-blown Columbia, the country, educated incompetance)...you handled this sooo smoothly (I´m still whining)...I had six months of having a amber liquid inserted behind my eye (after they removed my natural lense which got screwed up) which made me feel like I was swimming with my left eye open in a barrel of motor oil...and I never stopped BLOGGING (albeit slightly more pissed off than is good for me/we) but alas, they finally removed the silicon, inserted a fake new lense (imported from Texas, Lord hear my prayer) and since I correct (after stabalizing another few months) to 20/25...I still get something that looks like desert heat wabbles from time to time...but isn´t it wonderful to have EYES! Thanks be to God and Harvard trained Opthomologists in Guatemala (and probably Deleware too)! GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK (let the blogging begin)!

  4. Sorry I didn't know so I could pray but now prayers of thanksgiving... was wondering what was going on.

  5. Welcome to the post-cataract club. I didn't realize how bad my vision was until after the surgery. The whites were blindingly white at first until I became accustomed to them. All the colors changed their looks, since I had been seeing the world through a tan haze.

    I pray all remains well with you, Mark. The surgery and recovery are a piece of cake these days.

  6. A quick and boring recovery to you, Mark!

  7. Your trolls miss you. Welcome back.

  8. A Polity Series -- good idea.

    Dallas met in convention this last weekend. It repeated its pledge to honor the Constitution of TEC and so agreed to a (modified) Title IV. It further stipulated that where in conflict with the Constitution, the latter prevails.

    This is clear and consistent polity. The rule of law.


  9. My prayers are with you.

    I have a friend who has been through more than his share of eye problems. First he had lasik and got to throw away his glasses, a good thing. But in the years that followed, he has had cataract surgery in one eye and a detached retina in each eye.

  10. I was told two years ago that I have the "potential" for a cataract and that, when I have surgery, the lens will be replaced and I won't need glasses.

    My condition is stable. I'm so disappointed.

    Glad to know you're well, dear friend.

  11. Good for you!!!! --and welcome back! Here's looking at ya!

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