Episcopal Church: A Question

I enjoy YouTube stuff,and I have found several very useful, some very funny, and some quite strange.

I thought I might try my hand at taking a short Powerpoint presentation and transferring it to video and posting it on YouTube. So, here it is.

The music is by Eleanor Dimoff. Her music is very peaceful and she is worth listening to. You can find her work HERE. Ms. Dimoff has died and I have permission from those who continue to produce her material to use this music track.


  1. Nice message! Only a technical comment, you have to be a speed reader or remember to use the pause button to read all the text (and let it sink in).


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  4. revLois Keen8/1/07 10:02 PM

    Beautiful, Mark. Thank you. The music is beautiful and I especially like that still image of the lone person in the starting blocks. Maybe it sometimes feels like we're alone; but truly, we are none of us alone.

    Please keep Father Jake, of Father Jake Stops the World,and his family in your prayers. They have suffered a death in the family.

    Peace to all.
    Lois Keen
    Member of CFLAG - Clergy Families and Friends of Lesbian and Gay Persons
    Living into having my manner of life present a challenge to the wider church
    A member of The Episcopal Church

  5. Raspberry Rabbit9/1/07 8:53 AM

    I suppose so. I would inject one caveat however: Doesn't this make it look as though we are fighting for our survival? I don't think we are. We have very little to fear from the 'continuing churches' - a quick tour of their websites will reveal that they consist in many cases of 15 bishops, seven priests, two laymen, a dog and a cat. I suspect, as well, that the leading lights in the present Episcopal unpleasantness will end up among their ranks. They are growing slowly more paranoid - while the movement may have some dodgy foundation money the impetus is essentially priest-led and other than strong opinions they have on three subjects their programs are largely imported from HTB and Rick Warren.

    With reference to the format itself. I know I'm a Canadian comfortably esconced up here in Scotland but Americans are more used to short-burst political messages (both audio and visual) than the rest of us are. I remember visiting cousins in New Mexico a number of years ago. I was alone in the house and so didn't answer the phone when it rang. The answering machine picked the call up which proved to be a pre-recorded message having to do with some current election. 'My opponent wants to see registered sex offenders teaching your children in nursery' or something similar. Now I'm not saying that your wee video is anything like that (tho I might add that some of the anti-PB stuff on the CaNN website is of exactly the same kidney as the worst sort of hillary-hating right wing swill). The stuff on CaNN breaks all sorts of bounds of common decency and good taste.

    Is this the right medium and the right sort of message us?

  6. I just wanted to say that Eleanor really loved it when she found that her music was being played somewhere in the world and wrote with delight about that.
    Hearing it reminds me that this is another way that some live on, here, and I hope that somewhere she's again delighted.
    "Largo" reflects very well the unusual spirit that was hers. Thanks for keeping it sounding.


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