Baby Blue the Artist: Watch out Dave Walker

Dave Walker, of Cartoon Blog has some competition in Baby Blue. He, of course, is the gentle cartoon maker of the Anglican Communion. A fine example of his work is to the left. The wonderful puzzle is to imagine the ways to make the thing work...

She, of course, is the maven of BabyBlueCafe, and a bit of a sizzle - sometimes snipping, sometimes snappy, but often quite eloquent in her choice of music, pictures, etc. She is across the great divide, and this week is a painful reminder of all that.

Still in the midst of suffering there is joy to be found. It turns out that she makes good cartoons, and has plenty of time to do so in the midst of the ongoing trial in Viriginia. Here is her "The Religious Thicket."

Here are examples of Dave and BabyBlue's cartoons. You can take your choice... they are all quite delightful as part of the unfolding "stuff" of Anglican Communion history.

Dave Walker is a bit introspective, and sometimes he has things to say to budding cartoonists. Here is his take on how ideas come. Perhaps BB might try walking up and down the halls of justice.

One of the things I like about Dave's work is that he makes his point with few strokes of the pen. He works at his trade in England, land of the confusing and wonderful Church of England on which he often has rather simple but delightful things to say.

Here is BB's "Day One," a sketch of the courtroom in Virginia. On the walls are portraits of George Washington and James Madison. She comments on this in her entry, "Day Two Evening Update."

I wonder just what they would make of the proceedings this week...church property fights are not a pretty thing and they are usually accompanied by claims to true religion. A government that hopes to steer clear of making religious judgments has to work carefully with statements concerning the justification of action on the basis of religious belief. Down the line judgments made that in any way presume the rightness of this or that religious cause get civil courts in trouble.

Meanwhile, keep it up BB. Every day draw something.

And Dave, about that chair...what about the link being that each person uses the books in the back of the chair in front, and the ushers all the way in the back carry the last books forward to the people on the front row so that they can sing and then afterwards they can take them back again, etc. Actually there is not much problem because the front row seats are never taken, except by people coming for a baptism, in which case they usually haven't a clue as to what is going on anyway and don't care. They have their video cameras ready.


  1. One of the nice things about the Wizard of Preludium is his ability to appreciate & encourage, with genuine admiration, the talents and contributions of people who are clearly far, far "across the great divide."
    I see it as a lesson in finding some common ground between ideologic adversaries - & a difficult lesson for some of us to learn.
    Thanks, Mark, for another useful tidbit!

  2. Not to be too picky, but I must say, I personally find it hard to read the names of the occupants of the 'thicket.' I do see Jesus, but can't read the others...is that perhaps the point? Anyway, if the point of any cartoon is to be understood, the words included must be readable. Who else is in the thicket? I need some clarity.....

  3. Susan,

    "Lord,""Bible,""God,""Prayer," etc.

    The 'thicket' is probably anything that is doctrinal. A secular court is probably not able to review doctrinal disputes less they violate the 'establish cause' by several US Supreme Court rulings. That is probably what is meant.


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