The Fifty chosen ...most Influential

The Telegraph is running a list of the “50 Most Influential Figures in the Anglican Communion.” What fun! (thanks to Episcopal Cafe for the heads up.)

Glad to see that the illustrious Jim Naughton is part of the panel making the choices. Along with him are a number of other luminaries including Giles Fraser, whose title is the envy of many (or at least some) - Vicar of Putney. Unfortunately I suspect that means that Giles and Jim can’t be on the list. Maybe not.

Who else will make the list? Remember, it is not whether or not you agree with the person but whether or not they are “influential.” Influence comes in many forms, not all pleasant.

In Anglican Land, however, all influential people are smooth on the outside, crunchy on the inside. They can smile over tea and reduce you to a tattered remnant of your former self all at the same time. They can also make life easier and brighter, while not actually being present with you. Influence makes the power flow – in and out. People who have it can make or break the rest of us.

Anyway here are numbers 41 to 50. Readers of the blogs in Anglican Land will recognize most of these folk, although some keep a fairly low profile. I am very glad to see Simon Sarmiento on the list as “blogger.” He brings a bit of class to an otherwise retched gang (bloggers I mean).

41 Jamie Calloway - vicar of Trinity Wall Street
42 Davis Mac-Iyalla - Changing Attitude, Nigeria
43 Chris Sugden - director of Anglican Mainstream
44 Esther Mombo - Dean of St Paul’s theological college, Kenya
45 Marily McCord Adams - Redius professor of divinity, Oxford University
46 Simon Sarmiento - blogger
47 Tom Butler - Bishop of Southwark
48 June Osborne - Dean of Salisbury
49 Norman Doe - Anglican lawyer
50 Ephraim Radner - Wycliffe Theological College Toronto, theologian.

More to come.


  1. Lets look at the list you did not print, the panel choosing the fifty. All live in the UK and US. Probably at least four of the five are white, certainly the three men are.
    What is the bet that white UK and US residents are over-represented in the list of 50?

  2. dear obadiahslope... what an interesting insight! Ok in the bottom 10: UK 5 1/2 (Marlyn McCord Adams); US 2 1/2; Other 2; M 7; F 3; White 8, PoC 2.

    My guess that as the list gets nearer the top there will appear more People of Color; more Global South. But your point is well taken. Influence (being about pouring is reckoned by pretty standard white guy criteria of power. We shall see. Perhaps the panel will decide that some people are of influence but have no power.

    Great question!

    They may not, however, be chosen that way because of the panel, but because the panel is asked by the Telegraph to name the influential, which begs the question as to what counts as influence.
    It will be tempting to make influence a matter of power within the system.

  3. God bless you, Mark. (You, too, Obadiah.) I just noticed the new heading at your blog. Yes.

  4. 45 MarilyN McCord Adams - ReGius professor of divinity, Oxford University


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